• BOMONSTER and Lots of Nuts and Bolts


    Got a cool dad who needs some cool apparel and accessories? My dad was cool and gave me the inspiration for this awesome BOMONSTER scratched shirt design. He said ask any mechanic to empty his pockets and he'll have a ton of random screws, bolts, clips, nuts and no idea where they came from. If you're into hot rods, Model As, roadsters and anything with a chopped top and open motor you're ready to wear BOMONSTER. Click my website: www.bomonster.com

  • BOMONSTER is a Solo Lobo Artist


    I call this one "Solo Lobo" and I think it reflects the chopper adventure lifestyle just right. I made the rider a drifting cowboy leaning on his bedroll next to a campfire enjoying a smoke and cup of coffee. He's joined the 21st century and traded in his horse for an old Flathead Harley chopper which is just as loyal. For more on BOMONSTER's unique style, art, tees, hats and patches, check out this 21st century website: www.bomonster.com

  • Cool BOMONSTER swag


    This BOMONSTER original was scratched for Matt Armor's record cover. He wanted his '53 Chevy custom in the picture but left the rest to me. So here he is serenading a girl in the window over a record store. I used Matt's '59 Gretsch for border design. Got someone in your life who needs some cool swag? Check out BOMONSTER's website for shirts, hats, patches, stickers, prints and more. It's all original - Just like the people who wear it.


  • Proof BOMONSTER is Gnarly


    Gnarly is a new magazine and they chose the gnarliest artist they could find for their featured interview and front cover - BOMONSTER. Once I saw what designer/editor/publisher Johnny Von Griz wanted to do with my art I signed on immediately. Or maybe every other artist turned him down I don't know. Whatever the case it's cool to make literary lowbrow history.

    Get Gnarly here: GnarlyMagOnline.com

    Get BOMONSTER here: bomonster.com

  • BOMONSTER Scratches a Lincoln


    I own a '64 Lincoln Continental which was also my grandfather's and father's car at one time. I decided it was time to scratch it. My BOMONSTER art is created on scratchboard - which is the art of drawing with a knife on a piece of black-inked Ampersand Scratchbord. I use a #16 X-acto knife to scratch the surface into original art which looks awesome printed on a shirt - which is what all this scratching was for! If you like custom Lincolns, Cadillacs and rat pack-era Las Vegas, check out this scratched black men's tee. (click here.)

  • Hire BOMONSTER for a Scratch


    Looking for something unique, different and original in a shop shirt? Kentz Kustomz - a local VA custom shop did and hired BOMONSTER for their own one-of-a-kind masterpiece. They sent me some photos of their shop and favorite dog and this is what I did for them. Is your shop worthy of a custom BOMONSTER design? Check me out by clicking here.

    Art by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Art Appreciated by Model A Fans


    I like people who like BOMONSTER art. Not everyone likes my art but the ones who do love it. Tyler and Ali Weeks are not typical individuals but they are typical BOMONSTER fans. They like and drive cool stuff like this 1927 model a roadster truck. Tyler scrounges, trades and barters for parts and builds all his own cars. And they all seem to have been built before 1930. So original, so old school. Just like my art.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Feels the Love of a Hater


    "My wife hates everything about my truck. But she can't stop staring at the masterpiece you created. She loves it." So says my client after I scratched his '51 chevy truck. I first saw it at the annual March Meet in Famoso, CA. It was raining and the truck was sitting by itself. Not because it wouldn't start but because Gerry the owner is a hard core race fan and was out walking around enjoying the day. Later, when he hired me to do a commission piece, I knew exactly how I wanted to do it. If you want to make your wife happy, hire me to scratch your ride. Click here.

    Photos and art by BOMONSTER

  • Blacktop BOMONSTER feature


    Blacktop Magazine really gets around. I see Tony and Billy at most of the shows I attend and they not only write about the car culture scene, they live it through their cars and bikes, pictures and appreciation for artists. If you want to know more about BOMONSTER, check it out here.  To get your hands on your own BOMONSTER art prints, check me out here. 

  • BOMONSTER at the Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion


    The forecast for the Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion outdoor music festival and car show called for heavy rain and strong winds. Mrs BOMONSTER was busy being an angel at home so I brought my other secret weapon – my amazing daughter Mel – to the show to help sell my art and apparel. For her, God parted the clouds and sent the worst storm in decades around the lake leaving us with blue sky, great music, nice cars and a happy crowd. Mel brought the crowds into the booth and Havasu lived up to its motto: "No Bad Days."

    Photo of BO and Mel by Rich of Sin City Jokers, Event photos by Jillian Danielson and Ken Gallagher of Riverscene Magazine.

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