• BOMONSTER asks Wanna Drag?


    The Mooneyes Christmas Show and Drag was last week and the news is that it's likely the last one. The property has been sold but hopefully the show will go on somewhere else. It's a great chance to watch local drag racers run down the strip. This classic '55 Chevy gasser caught my eye in the staging lane and I thought it would make a great shirt design.


    Photo and graphic design by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Gets Graphic


    There's a lot to look at at the drag races. Cars, motors, people. Vintage graphics is a favorite of mine to notice. Stickers, decals, painted names. Classic, simple graphic design that has been a part of hot rodding all along. These were seen at the Mooneyes Christmas Show last week.

    Self portrait by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Blown Away in Laughlin


    Being an outdoor artist vendor selling your own art & apparel has its risks. For one thing everything hinges on one crucial piece of equipment: a lightweight pop-up canopy which provides shade and allows the artist to attach walls on which to hang his art & apparel. We've been rained on, blown down and endured extreme heat waves but never chased away. Or, until now, literally blown away. The day before the inaugural Bikes & Rods music event this month in Laughlin along the Colorado River, our team (Mrs BOMONSTER and I) set up our professional grade aluminum-frame canopy, attached steel gridwalls all the way around and stacked inventory bins in preparation for Saturday set-up.  Once secure with a tarp wrapping up the whole enchilada, we left to check into our room, enjoy a nice romantic dinner and later an outdoor live music performance overlooking the river while sipping red wine and eating chocolate cake. Early the next morning after a casino breakfast we left our soundproof hotel at 6:00am with no idea that the wind was howling outside. Walking into the hotel parking lot where the weekend's event was to take place, we were shocked to see what a brief tornado had done at 3 in the morning. Piles of bent and broken canopy frames everywhere and vendors turned upside down and inside out. The wind was still blowing which reminded me that we chose a line of work which only the hardy should attempt. Or fool hardy?


  • BOMONSTER's Proof America is Great


    I saw this old framed picture at our local county fair and my immediate reaction was "This is why America is great." Where else but America do we race farm machinery for fun? And where else but America do we see girls racing tractors for the enjoyment of all? There's a fabricated popular mainstream media misperception being perpetuated to girls right now that says: "THEY say girls can't do certain things." In my wide world of travel, community, business, cars, motorcycles, garages, art, racing and outdoor sports, there are no "THEY" people making such sexist remarks. I've never heard a man say "What's a girl doing here doing THAT?" No one thinks women aren't capable. While today's media stirs up controversy among the gullible who only read about life and don't live it for themselves, I offer this old picture of why America has been great all along: People of all types who work hard during the week and continue to find ways to enjoy themselves on weekends. Where else but America?


  • Shirts You Can't Buy from BOMONSTER


    The BOMONSTER/SPEEDWAY shirts are here but you can only buy them at one place - Speedway Motors. They're a great American success story and it takes about three hours to get through one of their catalogs if you start circling everything you like. If you see this one, check out Page 437. Or if you're the website shopper type check this out. (click here),

    To see all the other great BOMONSTER stuff not available at Speedway Motors, click here.

  • Not BOMONSTER's Kellison


    While selling my art at the Detroit Autorama earlier this year I came across this stunning 1962 Kellison J5 on display. Michigan owner Jim Hart told me he bought the car from a Beverly Hills, CA pawn shop for an "obscene amount of money" nearly 20 years ago and raced it in a few vintage road races until a recent compete restoration. The body is actually a one-off Kellison "drop nose" concept developed between the J5 and J6 model which has the quad lights of the J5 and oval grill opening of the later X-300GT. I guess you never know what you can find in a Beverly Hills pawn shop.


    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • Not BOMONSTER's Kellison For Sale


    Does the above post make you want your own Kellison - a car that everyone goes crazy when they come into contact with one? Here's a deal. It's for sale by the owner who sent me these pictures hoping to find a good home for this cool project. The 1964 X-300GT body sits on a Chuck Manning X-frame chassis and is powered by rebuilt '63 283 Chevy with '57 fuelie heads. It's less than $10K and Steve the owner will deliver anywhere west of the east coast. Mrs BOMONSTER told me I needed to finish my own Kellison before thinking about buying another one. But your wife might say otherwise.

    interested? email the owner: landsearch@outlook.com

  • BOMONSTER Loves Hot Rod Cupcakes


    I love cupcakes of all shapes, sizes and flavors. Especially the ones with a hot rod edge. Yes, I'm taking about cupcakes. I scratched this one and the original sold but you can still get your hands on this awesome women's tank top. Where? ww.bomonster.com

  • BOMONSTER's Scratched Truck


    While scratching this litho design "Halfway House" it brought back memories of my '72 Ford F-150. Seafoam green with aluminum slot mags and green Hawaiian curtains in the back window. This limited edition litho is available on my website and features three vintage Ford trucks in front of the Halfway House - an actual cafe on the outside edge of L.A. county where I live and the location for many TV car commercials and movie scenes. To get your copy, check out my website here.

    More of BOMONSTER's art & apparel available at bomonster.com

  • BOMONSTER Answers Gnarly Questions


    Get your own copy of the premiere issue of Gnarly magazine to see profiles on lots of current lowbrow kustom kulture artists including BOMONSTER. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    What are sales like on your site compared to going on the road and selling. You’ve gone on, what, ten shows in the month we’ve been talking about this magazine feature… Do you love traveling, or is that just the best way to get your artwork seen by the like-minded masses?

    Both require a huge amount of effort. Just having a website is not enough. You have to get people to see it and that means you need to be involved in social media. My website sales are best when I’m engaged on facebook, Instagram and my own blogging. Art is not the easiest thing to sell because it’s not a rational decision – it’s an emotional one. I see things I like online all the time and then get distracted and forget to buy. And that’s the great thing about live shows – the music, the cars, the creativity, the people - all create an environment where the art fits. I look for shows that I personally enjoy as a fan - not just as a vendor. I’ve done art gallery openings, music events, car and bike shows, drag racing events and a couple of big AMA MX races. The art purchase becomes more of an emotional reaction to the day versus a logical decision of what it will look like next to something else on a certain wall.

    In April my wife and I drove to Austin, Las Vegas and So Cal for shows three weekends in a row. They happened to be very good shows with an international following but yes I love the travel in between. It helps that my wife is a great traveling companion and drives while I sleep. The shows are a great way to get my work in front of people and I do love the travel part too. I love observing the every day life of others and have a much more positive view of people when I travel. I have come to realize that today’s news media, education, TV and online entertainment presents a very edited, slanted and politicized view of society. Traveling is a great reset button for the mind.

    Read the rest of the interview here: gnarlymazine.com

    Check out BOMONSTER Art&Apparel here: bomonster.com

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