About BOMONSTER's work

  • BOMONSTER Scratches a Lincoln


    I own a '64 Lincoln Continental which was also my grandfather's and father's car at one time. I decided it was time to scratch it. My BOMONSTER art is created on scratchboard - which is the art of drawing with a knife on a piece of black-inked Ampersand Scratchbord. I use a #16 X-acto knife to scratch the surface into original art which looks awesome printed on a shirt - which is what all this scratching was for! If you like custom Lincolns, Cadillacs and rat pack-era Las Vegas, check out this scratched black men's tee. (click here.)

  • Hire BOMONSTER for a Scratch


    Looking for something unique, different and original in a shop shirt? Kentz Kustomz - a local VA custom shop did and hired BOMONSTER for their own one-of-a-kind masterpiece. They sent me some photos of their shop and favorite dog and this is what I did for them. Is your shop worthy of a custom BOMONSTER design? Check me out by clicking here.

    Art by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Feels the Love of a Hater


    "My wife hates everything about my truck. But she can't stop staring at the masterpiece you created. She loves it." So says my client after I scratched his '51 chevy truck. I first saw it at the annual March Meet in Famoso, CA. It was raining and the truck was sitting by itself. Not because it wouldn't start but because Gerry the owner is a hard core race fan and was out walking around enjoying the day. Later, when he hired me to do a commission piece, I knew exactly how I wanted to do it. If you want to make your wife happy, hire me to scratch your ride. Click here.

    Photos and art by BOMONSTER

  • Blacktop BOMONSTER feature


    Blacktop Magazine really gets around. I see Tony and Billy at most of the shows I attend and they not only write about the car culture scene, they live it through their cars and bikes, pictures and appreciation for artists. If you want to know more about BOMONSTER, check it out here.  To get your hands on your own BOMONSTER art prints, check me out here. 

  • BOMONSTER Designs for Speedway Motors


    Speedway Motors is one of the oldest speed shops in the U.S. having opened its doors in 1952. In 2017 they are celebrating 65 years and asked me to create some BOMONSTER original t-shirt designs coming soon to a Speedway catalog near you. If you're interested in having your own BOMONSTER designs help brand your company, event or band, check me out here.

  • BOMONSTER Lands On the Moon


    Our son's first car was a used Toyota Tacoma we bought him for his 16th birthday. He drove it for a few months and then with his older cousin, proceeded to cut it in half, cut the top off and re-engineer the whole thing to go fast on rough ground, fly in the air and land softly. He drove me around night using daylight GPS on a screen mounted on the dash. It felt like we were exploring the moon at speed. And it inspired this 11x17" limited edition BOMONSTER signed litho print. You can have one land in your mailbox by clicking here.

    Photos and art by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER and the Humble Model A Hot Rod


    I'm a very uncomplicated person. Which is probably why I'm attracted to the humble Model A hot rod. Nothing to hide, simple, fast, one-of-a kind and just putting itself out there for all to appreciate. There's an understated elegance to the smooth curvy box shape that holds together its out-in-the-open engineering, purpose-built to be quick and fast. These 11x17" BOMONSTER limited edition litho prints are created to capture that brutal yet sexy feeling I get when I look at one. Prints are available by clicking here.

    Photo and art by BOMONSTER.

  • BOMONSTER Gets Kicks on Route 66


    Road trips inspire. We happened along this cool New Mexico hotel on a Route 66 journey and I thought it was the perfect setting to scratch a new piece of BOMONSTER art using an old '36 Ford hot rod stopped under the light of the hotel sign to check the oil. Inside the car, the girl calls about a room while their old dog takes a break next to the warm car. This limited edition litho print is available by clicking here.

    Photo and art by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER now in Advance Auto Parts

    Considering there's only one BOMONSTER and over 4,000 Advance Auto Parts stores in the U.S, going into your local Advance Auto will most likely be the quickest way to get your hands on my work. Starting now, Advance is the exclusive distributor for four of my sticker designs. Here's your excuse to check out their store...

    advance-auto-bomonster stickers

    more advance-auto bomonster-stickers

  • BOMONSTER's "Visiting Mercury"


    I like to create visual ideas in which there is a bit of discovery within the picture. At first glance what makes this image work is the surface of the moon and the direction of light across the craters. The astronaut emerges from his capsule in anticipation of being the first person in the world to walk where no man has been before. But wait a minute...what's that in the background? A slammed, chopped, metalflake, custom '50s Merc? A car ahead of its time?

    Excerpt from my book SCRATCH THIS Featuring the Scratchboard Art of BOMONSTER. Available (here).


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