• BOMONSTER Meets Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Beatnik Bandit

    The Beatnik Bandit is my favorite of the Ed Roth cars. What set Roth apart from Barris, Jefferies, Winfield, and the other customizers of the day was that he didn't modify existing cars, he created new ones. It's surprising to think Ed built this bubble top car in 1960. I saw it at the Long Beach Motorama and got to look at it up close. It's smaller than I imagined - more like a small import economy car. Which of course made it ahead of its time and it still looks contemporary in a "wild show rod from the sixties" sort of way.

  • BOMONSTER on Route 66

    We visited the fine town of Duarte this weekend following the original Route 66 route to the Santa Monica pier. They had a parade and a car show so we set up our booth and joined the fun. A very low key family affair with a good band, good food and good weather. Here are some nice pics...

  • Tanks a lot: BOMONSTER's look at chopper tank paint

    While at Born Free 3 I couldn't help but love the variety of painted functional masterpieces atop equally cool rolling pieces of art. Translation? Painted gas tanks on motorcycles. So cool.

    Photos by BOMONSTER. Paint by real artists.




  • BOMONSTER does Billetproof

    This is our first year acting like vendors at shows selling art, shirts and things. So far we've only been to Southern California shows – and Viva Las Vegas – which is good because there are so many to choose from every weekend. The only downside is that you sell to some of the same people at every show. So now customers are already asking if I have anything new. "Everything I have is new. I'm new!"

    It felt good to get out of town and drive six hours to Antioch, CA to the Billetproof Show. Held at an old tree lined fairground, there were close to 1,000 cars. Very unpretentious and relaxed vibe all day. All of the cars were driven there most likely by their owners and there was great mix of radical customs, rusty survivors, hot rods and interesting beaters. Bands played in the background and crowds cheered as pin up girls landed in the dunk tank for charity.

    We set up shop off the main walkway away from the crowds – which is the exact opposite of most vendors think– and had a great time meeting people and selling my art which most were seeing for the first time. We hired a beautiful pinup girl named Joleen to help greet the crowds (or should I say attract the crowds). Sorry no pictures - I lost my head for  a moment.

    My favorite heavy metal lead singer/car guy came by, called me "daddy-O," gave me a hug like we were old friends and chatted about a piece he commissioned me to do and a new project he's working on.  Out of the corner of my eye a crowd formed around us in the booth. Then the crowd bought my stuff until he moved on and the booth was quiet again. I wish more famous people would stop by my booth. (The only reason I don't use his name here is because the last time I did thousands of rabid fans googled his name from my blog and crashed my website but didn't buy anything).

    By the end of the day I was hired by three owners to scratch their cars, we had some great conversations with very interesting people and left with a lot less art and shirts than we arrived with. Great show. Good times. Like it was the first time in So Cal.

    Photos by BOMONSTER.


  • Behind the Scenes at a Fashion Shoot

    I've always marvel at how we perceive things that are published or broadcast. For instance I can't watch a movie without imagining the whole crew just inches away holding sound mics, adjusting lights and taking notes. I know this because I am in advertising and always enjoy the behind-the-scenes reality of the pictures and films we make. While it's no fun to watch a movie with me, being this way does help me to better understand the world's media, politicians, sex appeal and people's opinions about things they heard or saw on TV.

    Maybe it's just me but I enjoyed stumbling upon this scene last weekend while at a car show in old town San Diego. Nice girl dolled up to look her best and an old grizzled camera man with a cane directing her to "look this way," "lean on the car, lift your chin," "turn towards camera," and on and on.

    Maybe the picture will end up on a calendar? Or in a magazine? And no doubt will look sexy and fabulous by the time the photoshop retouchers are done with it and editors add her personal comments like "I love big cars and big boys who drive them."

    Watching a photo shoot is like seeing sausage being made. Takes the appetite appeal away.

  • Jimmy Vaughan wears BOMONSTER

    Well I'm assuming he wears a BOMONSTER shirt. At least that's what my good friend Joe in Ocean Shores, Washington tells me.  Joe is a guitar player and met Jimmy at breakfast near his home while Jimmy's band was in town for a show. Joe got him to sign a couple of his personal guitars after a nice chat. To thank him, Joe gave Jimmy one of my shirts - "Digger" which Jimmy thought was cool.  Cool! I have his music, he has my shirt!

    Jimmy is a car guy who owns and really digs customs, hot rods and anything old with style. I don't know if he wears it, but I know he had it in his hands, HA!

  • BOMONSTER's Photo Essay of Kiwi Kev's Garage

    One man's junk pile is another man's photo essay. Every year Kiwi Kev invites old and new friends to his home for a luau-style barbeque and we got a personal invite while vending at the Ventura Nationals. We showed up to a great meal, friendly people, excellent music and the highlight for me and my camera - an open garage. I love looking at other people's collections and think you will too.




    All photos by BOMONSTER except the photo of BOMONSTER taken by his lovely assistant "The Mrs."




  • BOMONSTER Meets the Kandystriper

    We were set up at the Rat Fink Party and Kustom Kulture Extravaganza where I met Kellie the Kandystriper. She’s from Northern California but her work is known far and wide. Her and Jack drove down in a really nice flat Daytona Blue pearl ’40 Merc custom. They wanted to park in front of our booth for some pictures and since I knew it would draw a crowd, I gladly gave up some valuable real estate. Jack won Best Of Show and Kellie won the Best Pinstriper award. Here are some examples of her work that were on display that day. She’s also a tattoo artist and not only did she design the wicked webs on the tops of her feet, she applied them herself! Find out more at www.thekandystriper.com

  • BOMOMSTER And Miss California Are Pals.

    I’m not usually one to ask for autographs but I saw Miss California at a local car event this summer and the poor girl was stuck in the middle of a bunch of star-struck hanger-ons who wouldn’t stop talking to her. I could see Miss California needed to be rescued so I walked up and interrupted the pack of groupies and said “Hi Miss California, I'm BOMONSTER, could I get your autograph?” She looked at me with such relief and “Sure!” I thanked her and gave her one of my stickers for her limo. She thanked me with the happiest voice possible and signed a picture of herself for me. All the groupies looked on in awe. I think I made a pal that day.

  • BOMONSTER Meets Von Franco

    Von Franco is a legendary hot rod artist and can be seen in the video "I was a Teenage Monster Shirt Painter." I introduced myself to him at his booth in Santa Maria and immediately liked him. He surprised me by positively critiquing my progress as an artist over the last year from my posts on the HAMB friday art show. The next day I brought my 80-year old dad by to meet him and Von Franco talked 1960's commercial art tools with him which was an interesting conversation.

    To thank him for being so cool to me and my dad, I did an original scratchboard of him in his shoebox Ford with a "Not For Sale' sign on it in my booth. I told people I was going to give it to him when I saw him next. He heard about it and showed up at the Beatnik Blowout in Ventura. He came by my booth and loved the piece and we talked for awhile. Cool dudes and pretty girls were all saying hi to him and he was introducing me to everyone. I couldn't help but notice my booth get real busy while we talked. People started buying my stuff while waiting to talk to him!

    When he left the booth emptied out and all the coolness left the building.

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