• BOMONSTER's "Visiting Mercury"


    I like to create visual ideas in which there is a bit of discovery within the picture. At first glance what makes this image work is the surface of the moon and the direction of light across the craters. The astronaut emerges from his capsule in anticipation of being the first person in the world to walk where no man has been before. But wait a minute...what's that in the background? A slammed, chopped, metalflake, custom '50s Merc? A car ahead of its time?

    Excerpt from my book SCRATCH THIS Featuring the Scratchboard Art of BOMONSTER. Available (here).


  • BOMONSTER's Kellison Sighting


    If you know what you're looking for, you'll see my primer gray 1964 Kellison Astra X-300GT behind a bunch of very expensive and collectable exotic cars. Near the Emory 356 Outlaw, in front of the garaged '32 Ford hot rod, way behind the Rolls next to the 959 and 911 Porsches and vintage Studie. A beast in the mix of beauties. We were all invited by a friend who loves cars and the turnout at his home overlooking the Pacific Ocean was spectacular. Jay Leno was there in a Gullwing Mercedes survivor and I asked him if he had ever owned a Kellison - since one was advertised with the claim that it was his at one time. He hadn't - which means I have a car so rare even Jay Leno doesn't have one.

    Photo by Jeff Zwart

  • BOMONSTER Roll Model


    I was asked by the promoters of Chopperfest to create a BOMONSTER piece inspired by David Mann's "Day Moon." I don't like to "borrow" too much from another artist but then I had the idea of adding a million bikes behind the original Mann chopper couple representing all the artists and bike builders who were inspired by "The Mann." The promoters loved the idea, the legal owners of the original art loved the idea and that was all I needed to start scratching. I call it "Roll Model."



    Original reprints (left) pop up an ebay every once in awhile but you can get a signed and numbered BOMONSTER 11x17 litho print by clicking here.

  • BOMONSTER Likes These Bikes



    Being the artist, pictures tell stories without words. When I came across these old school vintage Harley Ironhead and Panhead choppers at the Hot Rod Reunion I had to stop and soak it in. Bikes strapped down with dufflebags, tarps, jackets, sleeping bags. It says freedom, adventure, back to basics, pure fun, independence, brotherhood, America, all in one visual.

    Photos byBOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER gets Thanksgiving


    Today is Thanksgiving. To everyone younger than me I say appreciate these days and find the good in them. To everyone else, can you believe how fast they are racing by? Times they are a changin' and I am thankful that I have a front row seat. Happy Thanksgiving 2015. BO

  • A BOMONSTER Burning Memory


    While at this year's Hot Rod Reunion selling my BOMONSTER art and apparel, I saw this great action photo by Russ Griffith of Frank Pedregon. My dad knew Frank through his advertising business and I remember visiting Frank at his shop as a little kid. My dad was doing the advertising for Dempsey Wilson Cams in the mid-sixties and that might have been his connection to Frank. What I remember about the meeting was that it was a narrow garage with a lot of stuff hanging on the walls and piled along the floors and this Fiat coupe nitro dragster was in the center of the floor. Frank was a nice guy who laughed a lot and to me he was just another adult my dad talked to on his many errands that summer day. Later, I saw him run at one of our local dragstrips where my dad raced his little D/Roadster '41 Willys- probably San Gabriel River Raceway, which later became Irwindale Raceway. When "Flamin' Frank" ran everyone flipped out because the tires caught fire and flames and smoke poured out of the car the entire run. From that moment on it became my favorite car at the drags. I thought I remember at the time he was able to pump excess fuel onto the tires which was ignited by the flames from the headers and the coupe body shape created a "firebox" shape to continued the flame all the way down the racetrack. I read today that it turns out Frank didn't know what caused the flames but it sure make a memory for me at the time. The car has rebuilt by Pat Foster and I hope to get to see it fire up someday.


    B/W action photo by Roy Robinson

  • BOMONSTER Reviewed by Blacktop


    When I first brought my BOMONSTER art & apparel out to the shows four years ago, Tony "T-Bone" Colombini was one of the first media guys to go crazy for my stuff and he jumped into action helping to get the word out that BOMONSTER had arrived on the scene. He and his son Billy show up at all the same shows I vend at and he always wants to know what's new. At SEMA I brought my new book– and of course they were there – and of course he had to buy one for the ride home. They liked it and T-Bone published this nice review on his Blacktop Magazine site:

    SCRATCH THIS Featuring the scratchboard art of BOMONSTER

    Self-published book that starts off with a bang! Visually and verbally as we open the cover to find a cool review of the cover image; “Bolts”. This sets the tone to a personal visual dialog with a creative artist who pays homage to the men before him. Most importantly his father.

    I expected the book to be like most artist tomes, as a chronological portfolio. Instead, the pages tell different stories from BOMONSTER’s past, his friends and of course the incredible rides. The pieces are assembled like the loose hardware in your pockets. Dimes and washers, cotter pins and pennies, the commodity of the working man. Who knows what he will pull out next.

    Ever since I first met BOMONSTER at a Mooneyes X-Mas party, his polite smile and gentle voice shared the passion he has in the industry and in art. He is quick to show his appreciation of his fellow artists and vendors who have helped him to present his work in a professional and effective manner. Mrs. BOMONSTER is always a pleasure to see at shows and events.

    This book is similar to seeing him at a show. The work welcomes you with open arms to learn more of the subject, the process and the culture. Get this book! You can follow BOMONSTER on your favorite social media site or visit his website at BOMONSTER.com.

  • BOMONSTER at Disneyland

    Awesome artist Max Grundy is seemingly everywhere traveling all over the world selling his original art, creating custom cars and trucks, and last weekend at Disneyland signing autographs and offering his latest Star Wars prints. The problem is he is running out of shirts to wear because he's never home to wash them. But for his Disneyland on Main St appearance, he had one left. And it was a BOMONSTER! It's almost like I was there.


    If you want to be like a famous artist and wear your own BOMONSTER baseball Avatar jersey, click here.

  • BOMONSTER Now Available in a Book

    Over the last five years, I scanned nearly every one of my BOMONSTER hot rod, chopper, surf, and dirt bike scratchboard art pieces and took the best of the best and introduced a book of my art last week at the SEMA show. It features 76 pages of art and commentary covering my own background, influences, people I've met and even a couple of "How to" step-by-step descriptions of how I make my art. And now it's time to share it with rest of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...SCRATCH THIS Featuring the Scratchboard Art of BOMONSTER...


    Here are a few sample pages...







    Plus there's more chopper, dirt bike, surf and exotic supercar work to drool over as well. And nearly every owner's car who commissioned me to scratch something for them. To get your own own, you can only buy it from me. $21 and it comes with an autograph and sticker! (Click Here).

    Thank you for your support. BO

  • The Original BOMONSTER at SEMA 2015

    For the second year in a row I was invited to present my original scratchboard art at the world's largest automotive accessories show - SEMA. They set up a really nice gallery space at the entrance to Central Hall. I shared space with Jeff Allison, a talented concept artist who makes a living designing custom cars for owners, movies, Hot wheels and video games. After our work was set up, it looked and felt like one of those narrow downtown gallery spaces with my black and white art on one side and Jeff's full color work on the other. The ebb and flow of the crowd was perfect - half the time they faced one way, half the time the other. Jeff presented my work while I wandered the show and I sold his while he took in client meetings. Overall, a nice way to spend a week in Vegas being the artist.



    Photos by BOMONSTER and T-Bone Colombini

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