• BOMONSTER Shoots Von Franco


    Von Franco is a lowbrow legend. He helped bring Ed "Big Daddy" Roth out of retirement years ago and they traveled and painted monster shirts together for years. His style is unmistakable. He plays music, builds cars, made a movie and still creates original art. He's always encouraged me to keep developing my BOMONSTER art. When I first met him I was with my 80-year-old dad and he and Franco talked commercial art tools for a long time. After that whenever I'd hit a show with my dad he'd ask. "I wonder if Von Franco is here?" Dad has since gone to be with the Lord but I'll always appreciate the day we first met Von Franco.

    Photo by BOMONSTER. Art by Von Franco

  • BOMONSTER Introduces New Hat Collection


    Being an artist in one medium doesn't always mean your art translates to all mediums. My BOMONSTER scratchboard art is made up of millions of fine scratches and people are always asking me about trucker style hats. So I set about learning how to design for embroidered hats. Basically, the more simplified the design, the better it works on a hat. But I wanted a range of cool designs with detail and that costs extra. But I knew a few people would want one so I made a limited edition run of these cool embroidered hats in both all black and black/white versions. You can find them by clicking here.

    Hats designed by BOMONSTER


  • BOMONSTER Lands On the Moon


    Our son's first car was a used Toyota Tacoma we bought him for his 16th birthday. He drove it for a few months and then with his older cousin, proceeded to cut it in half, cut the top off and re-engineer the whole thing to go fast on rough ground, fly in the air and land softly. He drove me around night using daylight GPS on a screen mounted on the dash. It felt like we were exploring the moon at speed. And it inspired this 11x17" limited edition BOMONSTER signed litho print. You can have one land in your mailbox by clicking here.

    Photos and art by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER and the Humble Model A Hot Rod


    I'm a very uncomplicated person. Which is probably why I'm attracted to the humble Model A hot rod. Nothing to hide, simple, fast, one-of-a kind and just putting itself out there for all to appreciate. There's an understated elegance to the smooth curvy box shape that holds together its out-in-the-open engineering, purpose-built to be quick and fast. These 11x17" BOMONSTER limited edition litho prints are created to capture that brutal yet sexy feeling I get when I look at one. Prints are available by clicking here.

    Photo and art by BOMONSTER.

  • BOMONSTER Rehearses SEMA Show at Home


    The annual SEMA Automotive Trade show is huge. 160,000 people and four days filled with everything there is to see if you like the business side of cars. Including some great artists plus BOMONSTER. I got invited to show my art off at this year's 50th annual SEMA show and promptly went to work creating originals and prints for the show. To make sure I actually had enough to fit on the wall they gave me, I laid everything out on my floor at home and had too much! So I edited a couple pieces out, packed up the mess into the truck and headed for Vegas. Jeff Allison and I set up across from each other in own "hot rod alley" gallery space. They opened the doors and the people came. Just like I pictured it would be at home.

    Pictured: BOMONSTER, Doug Dorr, Bunny Renee, Ed Tillrock, Von Hot Rod, Josh Welton, Tom Fritz

  • BOMONSTER and Gene Winfield Hang the Same Art


    Gene Winfield is legendary among generations of hot rodders and custom car fabricators. Well into his eighties, he travels the world giving metal fabrication cutting and welding classes, painting cars and signing autographs. I live near his California shop but it doesn't matter because I see him at every show I vend at. I created the above piece of art for him featuring his Mojave desert shop, his custom Cadillac "Maybellene," the movie car "Reactor," Jade Idol and his '27 T dry lakes racer. In the foreground he's shown driving his Pacifica concept truck with a pin up girl and welding tank in the front seat. He liked it, endorsed it and I printed it. You can purchase it here.

  • BOMONSTER shoots faded memories.


    Time stands still behind Gene Winfield's Custom Shop in the Mojave desert.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Experiences the End Times


    I met Flap and her friends out in the Mojave desert behind Gene Winfield's place. They were out enjoying the sun with their Mad Max style "earth cruiser" purpose-built rides. "Cars for the end times" I called them. Hers was an '87 Pioneer but I thought it looked more like the 2027 model.


    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Digs Kellisons

    bomonster yellow kellison j5

    I dig Kellisons. Maybe because I have one but I really dig Kellisons when they are finished because I don't have one. Mine is unfinished and rough and so when I see a nice one finished I feel all at once jealous and inspired. Tom Duttrey from Olympia Washington was driving his 1961 J5 just days after finishing his. I had seen it earlier online for sale without the graphics and liked it but I thought it need just one thing to finish it off - a BOMONSTER sticker. 

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Rides in The Krowvette


    Corvettes are funny. Everyone likes the 50s and 60's cars - and the new one - but you don't hear much about the early 70's models. The 80's and 90's cars made everyone forget about the brand but I always liked the 70's 'Vettes. I had never been in one but I always liked the way it looked. My lifelong friend Joe Krow lives up in Washington and bought a really nice one so we went up to see it and go for a drive. It was smoother, quieter and faster than I thought it would be. Definitely worth the trip.


    Photos by BOMONSTER

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