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  • How Matt Armor Got Scratched by BOMONSTER

    Posted on May 7, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    New music by Blazing Haley's Matt Armor. Front and back covers scratched by BOMONSTER. Available now here.

    But before it was introduced, there was a party at the Wildcat Lounge in Santa Barbara. Matt sang the songs live with his excellent band and BOMONSTER made a special appearance selling his art and apparel.

    Beer flowed, cigarettes were smoked and the crowd was into Matt's new alt country sound. I've never seen my BOMONSTER art projected onto so many monitors at one time but 73 of my art pieces played on a continuous loop on the club's many, many monitors and was the perfect background graphic to Matt's visual songwriting.

    As an artist you always want your work associated with people and projects you believe in. The end result is an outstanding piece of songwriting and Matt clearly loves creating and performing great music. Now I can proudly say I have an album out in the world.


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  • BOMONSTER says "Viva Las Vegas" 2014

    Posted on April 20, 2014 by BOMONSTER


    Viva Las Vegas is one of those shows you don't want to miss - either as a vendor or a spectator or just putting your car in the show. It's attended by fans from all over the world and even though it's a one day car show, they pack in a full day of cars, rockabilly music, people and all the cool vendors plus BOMONSTER! We were there to sell BOMONSTER art and apparel and it's probably the only show where the fans go directly to the vendors as soon as the gates open. As such I don't get to take too many pictures but with so many great people to talk to every year the VIVA memories will last forever.


    Photos by BOMONSTER except photo of BOMONSTER by Kristi M.

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  • BOMONSTER Lone Star Round Up 14

    Posted on April 8, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    The annual Lone Star Round Up is a three day drive each way for us and it's one of my favorite shows. Why? I don't know any of the cars except the California cars. I don't any of the people except the California people - Weesner, Trophy Queen, Jack Hamilton, Grease Girl, Max Grundy, ACME Speed Shop, Josh Greenspan, Suavecito, Tres Noir, Coby Gerwertz, Piero -  although that's changing with every year we attend. There's a relaxed Texas vibe that I hear can only be found in Austin. But mostly it's the people. Call it midwest friendly, call it southern hospitality, call it the Bible belt, call it what you will but the people are so darn polite, respectful, unpretentious, and downright friendly - from the oldsters to the kids - you can hardly believe it's 2014 in America. And yet the one thing that remains the same is a love for cool, old hot rods, customs and dragsters and great, live music. Unfortunately I miss most of it while we're inside selling my BOMONSTER art and apparel but when I heard Jimmy Vaghan through the walls I had to go out into the crowd and enjoy the show. And while I was at it got a few pictures...

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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  • Scenes from a Road Trip to Austin

    Posted on April 7, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    Some random left over pictures I like from our roadtrip to Austin, TX

    I pulled over to get a picture of the sign and the train just happened to come by. I think this would make a good painting but I'd run the powerlines off the right edge and wouldn't include the pile of dirt. Probably add long shadows off the sign and poles for some drama.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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  • BOMONSTER's Lone Star Road Trip '14

    Posted on April 1, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    I love road trips. Especially when there's enough time to take the scenic route. On our way to the Lone Star Round Up in Austin, TX to sell our BOMONSTER art and apparel we turned left at Las Cruces, NM and went to White Sands, NM but had to wait an hour while a missle was fired. There was nothing to see but when they opened the gate we were the first in. After some exploring, we ventured across New Mexico and then into Austin, TX. Here are some pictures to remember the trip by...

    Photos by BOMONSTER except photos of BOMONSTER taken by Mrs BOMONSTER and a perfect stranger.

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  • BOMONSTER just a regular BO at March Meet '14

    Posted on March 9, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    The annual March Meet nostalgia drags at Famoso has been going on for decades. But we've only been selling BOMONSTER original hot rod art and apparel on vendor row for three years now and we're starting to feel like regulars. Shortly after setting up the booth, vendors tell us stories about their other shows, racer's families stop in to introduce themselves, new friends hang out, old friends show off new tattoos of my art and loyal customers return wanting to know what's new. I always think "I'm new. My stuff is new. This is all new to me!" But I'm starting to realize you're only new once and then BANG! - you're a regular.

    All photos by BOMONSTER

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  • BOMONSTER Rocks the Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion '14

    Posted on February 20, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    We just got back from a great three-day weekend of live music, cars, bikes, girls, friends, fun and we had a front row seat to it all. Situated right on the Lake Havasu beach next to the London Bridge, we joined a small city of cool vendors and offered our BOMONSTER art and apparel to a creative and cool crowd.

    What makes a Rockabilly Reunion a Rockabilly Reunion? Rockabilly music and pinup girls. Plus cars, plus bikes, plus beer. Add celebrities and an interesting crowd and it makes you wonder why there's not one every weekend. The weather was perfect for an outdoor concert, people watching and taking pictures.

    Big Len of Big Len's Chop Shop in Havasu asked if I wanted a ride in his full blown '49 not-street-legal Chevy gasser. I thought "Where?" He said "Get in." Then we drove out onto the main streets of town and he lit up the tires filling the car with tire smoke. I had to cover my ears it was so loud. We only had to slow down because the light ahead was red. That's the unique thing about Lake Havasu - the residents have so many off-road toys that everything is legal to drive on city streets. Although the speed at which we accelerated to the next light was probably not exactly legal.

    I don't know how Kennie Cuppetelli does it but he somehow talks three days and night's worth of great bands to come all the way out to Havasu to rock the crowds. There's a lot of great music but my favorites were Three Bad Jacks, Cashed Out, Beau Knott and the Burners and a band that absolutely knocked me out - The Hellbound Blues Band featuring Corey Miller on drums. Corey is an awesome artist, always compliments my work and pushes me to deserve it. He came into the BOMONSTER booth for picture since I was wearing his shirt this time. The night before, Elvis and John the drummer from Three Bad Jacks also stopped in the booth and talked music and art before going on stage and rocking the house.

    All photos by BOMONSTER. Models shown include Brenda Lee Pinup and The Pinup Angels (top photo), Kelly Jameson (in yellow dress), and Kimberly Winegar (#rebelwink1) in red top.

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  • BOMONSTER's Scratchboard Secrets Revealed on Old Tin Rods

    Posted on February 1, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    Ronnie from Old Tin Rods needed a BOMONSTER original shirt design bad. He had a metal class with Gene Winfield coming up and he wanted to wear something with his shop name. He sent me a picture of his car, told me how he was going to finish it and paid up front. I was so slammed I didn't have time to create a detailed sketch so I emailed him a rough thumbnail sketch. "How about something like this?" I said. "Add a girl and we're good" he said.

    I wish all clients were that trusting. I've always done my best work when a client expects greatness and doesn't tell me how to make it great. Here's what I did...

    I work out the design on paper, scan and then print it out. I transfer just the outline shape to the scratchboard by rubbing the back of the printout with pencil and then redrawing over the lines of the printout. On the scratchboard I scratch just the outline with an Xacto #16 blade and then start adding details like the people's faces. I usually start with the most difficult - and in this case it's the faces. What makes faces difficult for me is one knife scratch width one way or the other and the whole face can look funky. I'd rather get it right early in the scratch so I don't have to worry about it later. Once the hardest part is done I continue scratching where the light hits to define the shapes and edges.

    I could have added his logo over a solid white floor glow but I like adding typography and logos in my hand-scratched style to integrate with the art better. It also looks less "corporate" although this piece did not run that risk. Hahaha. Here's the final...

    If you'd like a BOMONSTER original scratch for your company, email me at and let's talk.

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  • BOMONSTER The Artist at Grand National Roadster Show 2014

    Posted on January 25, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    Yes, BOMONSTER is an artist but at many of the cool shows we vend at to sell BOMONSTER art and apparel, it's the BOMONSTER t-shirts, stickers and prints which pays for the expenses to be there in the first place. With the annual GNRS coming up I started thinking about the builders and their passion for creating high dollar custom one-off roadsters and entering them in the America's Best Roadster Show. The prize is $10,000 but that pays for a half a paint job with this crowd. All of which got me thinking "Why not be The Artist for this show and bring some larger framed originals and make that our focus?" Weeks before I created some wild larger original scratchboard pieces and took them to Junior at Fast Frame in Ventura to see what he could do. I got them back a day before we left for the show and three days later two of my bigger pieces were sold and by the end of the weekend we had sold five smaller originals. I was thrilled for the sales and loved the framing that Junior did but realized these pieces were in my life for a total of three days before they were gone. For a brief second I knew what it felt like to be a successful selling artist.

    Oh yeah, and there was a car show too. here are some pictures...

    Of course I wasn't the only artist in the room. At the other end of the hall were the pinstripers who put on a live demonstration of real talent. I said hello to Jimmy C, Dave Whittle and Chris Blome and then went and checked out the featured Bonneville cars and my favorite part of any show - the 1/24th scale models before I had to get back to the booth to sell more art.

    All photos by BOMONSTER except the photo of BOMONSTER taken by his lovely assistant. Sketches by Denen Hitchers

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  • BOMONSTER Featured Centerspread In a Racy Magazine

    Posted on December 22, 2013 by BOMONSTER

    BOMONSTER's original hot rod art is now featured in the Dec issue of Car Kulture Deluxe. The article covers BOMONSTER's formative years going to the drags to watch his dad race his six-banger roadster in the D/Roadster class, meeting a plaster covered Ed Roth while creating a new custom car which became the Mega-cycle bike/truck and BOMONSTER's scratchbord art technique and creative influences which includes Bernie Wrightson, Ed Hopper, Dan Piraro's Bizaro comics, Banksy, Tim Burton, German Expressionism and walks through contemporary art galleries. A BOMONSTER t-shirt design even made the centerspread.

    More of BOMONSTER's work can be seen on

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