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  • BOMONSTER Is All Over Ventura Nationals

    Posted on September 3, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    One of the first local car shows I attended a few years ago was the Primer Nationals in Ventura. I was knocked out by the appreciation of custom cars in a more "not yet finished" form. Many chopped, sectioned and modified cars in progress and many more which looked "in progress" but were called "done." There were great live bands with a Stray Cats and Blasters sound to them - because they were from the Stray Cats and Blasters. There were a few artists among the vendors and I remember liking them all. They each captured the creative spirit which ran through the entire show. I never knew such a crowd existed until the Primer Nationals.

    Cut to 2014 - five years later. I'm making my own art now, am friends with many of those same artists, the Primer Nationals became the Ventura Nationals and I was asked by the new owners of the show to create the poster and event shirt for this year's show. I don't usually get too excited over my own work but I admit it was fun to see my art blown up big on stage behind the bands and people grabbing posters and event shirts. Nothing like seeing your work in public to make you want to go back and make it better. Yes I'm proud of it but every artist sees the flaws - which hopefully makes him or her better the next time around.

    Photos by BOMONSTER




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  • Dirty Bachelor Party Photos by BOMONSTER

    Posted on August 26, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    My son is getting married in a couple of weeks and he invited me to his bachelor party. I had a million things to do this weekend but it hit me "My son invited me to his bachelor party!" Hopefully it'll be his only one so it's an honor just to be invited right? Thank God we have a boy who thinks the perfect bachelor party involves trucks, bikes, sand rails, ATVs, RC cars, campfires and camp food. I was invited because he needed a "camp dad" to drive the RV, bring the wood, cook the meals and blend the margaritas. I agreed and we left for Pismo Beach, CA on Friday night and returned Sunday after a fun-filled dirty weekend of driving vehicles off sand dunes at high speed, breakdowns, stuck trucks, campfires, campfire stories, lost dogs, carne asada burritos for dinner and breakfast, margaritas, cigars, bloody marys, lost dogs, middle of the night rescues, and a general all-around fun time with a great group of friends. Here are some pictures...

    Photos by BOMONSTER except the photo of BOMONSTER and Weston by Brad W


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  • BOMONSTER Art Unleashed on the Italiano Concorso

    Posted on August 19, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    Being a hot rod, chopper, dirt bike, kustoms, dragster, rat rod, woodies-on-the-beach scratchboard artist,  I don't go to too many high-end snobby affaires but I also like vintage Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Ducatis and Vespas and thought their owners would dig my stuff so I decided to spend the big money and buy a booth space at the annual Italiano Concorso held on a golf course green overlooking beautiful Monterey Bay during the famous Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance weekend. My art isn't what you would call "traditional" in the conservative sense - and tradition rules at these events - but I knew money was no object with this crowd if they liked what they saw. I brought my pal Doug Taub to the event to be a vendor and he brought his stellar Italian countryside and car photos framed and matted plus some bitchin' olives and olive oil to taste which he imports from Italy. We both had a great time selling our stuff surrounded by more combined money than the treasury of many small countries.

    Ferraris were the hit of the entire Pebble Beach weekend. One won Best of Show Sunday at Pebble Beach and a 1962 250 GTO was auctioned off the night before for $38 million. Needless to say many of these cars are only trailered and brought out by "car handlers" for rare showings at events like the Italiano. While looking at a sea of red Ferraris, the funniest comment I heard from an owner who asked a young "handler" - who delivered and parked his car at the show - was "Which one is mine?"

    Photos by BOMONSTER except the photo of BOMONSTER taken by his trophy wife, Mrs. BOMONSTER.

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  • GOD Bless Flat Tires

    Posted on August 15, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    If you're the praying type, you know prayers work. Before each road trip we say our prayers and ask God to keep watch over us. While on a six hour drive to northern California for another show to sell our BOMONSTER art and apparel, Mrs. BOMONSTER suggested we stop at a rest stop outside Paso Robles on the 101.  We had been driving since 3:00am and we were both ready to stretch our legs. On the way back from the facilities, I noticed our BOMONSTER trailer tire had an off-center bulge and the tread was separating from the tire and showing wires. Changing a trailer tire means unloading half the trailer to get to the spare. I found out how convenient it was to change a tire on a newly paved truck lot with no crowds and all the room to empty a trailer. And when I was finished, I walked a hundred feet to the restroom and washed my hands.

    Adding up all the ways in which it could have been much, much worse if the tire separated at speed in traffic a few minutes later VS. all the little things like getting the urge to stop in the first place, noticing the bad tire on the walk back to the car, having the room and a calm place to fix the problem in the cool morning air and it's easy to see that prayer works.

    Photo by my co-praying wife, Mrs. BOMONSTER

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  • BOMONSTER Travels the Oregon Coast

    Posted on August 7, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    Driving to other states to sell BOMONSTER art and apparel means we have to drive at high rates of speed to get to show venues early enough to set up and then race back home to get ready for the next show. For us, there's nothing better than having an extra day or two to take a side trip off the GPS planned route, discover some new scenery and take a few pictures.  Here are some memories from Coos Bay, Sunset Beach and Reed's Port, Oregon. I like looking at these pictures - makes me want to go on another road trip.

    Photos by BOMONSTER except for the picture of BOMONSTER by his model-turned-photographer wife, Mrs. BOMONSTER

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  • Fans Dig BOMONSTER's Art at Dunefest

    Posted on August 5, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    While vending our BOMONSTER art and apparel at one event, people will often turn us on to another event they think we will do well at. When we were in Washington, a bunch of off-road fans told us about Dunefest in Oregon. Five days of dune riding fun for thousands of fans - and only a handful of vendors. We had some time to spend this year so we stopped in on Dunefest and brought out the BOMONSTER merch. Five days of even sales adds up to a decent profit but it doesn't start to feel like you made any money until the last day. It looked like a lot of fun for anyone with a vehicle with paddle tires and I had a couple of offers for rides but we were there to make enough gas money to get back home so I put business before pleasure but now that I look at these pictures, I realize I should have gone riding.

    Like everywhere else we go, it's the people who make the live events so fun. We had some absolutely fanatical buyers who went crazy for BOMONSTER art and apparel. Five days is along time to sit in a booth on an asphalt turnout while 99% of the crowd is out having fun somewhere else. At the end of the show I was asked if we would come back. Mrs. BOMONSTER immediately said "Of course we're coming back. Think of all the people we sold to. They'll be expecting us." So I guess we're coming back.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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  • BOMONSTER On Television at Washougal

    Posted on July 26, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    Technically I don't know if our BOMONSTER art & apparel booth made it on screen but the cameras were at Washougal, WA covering the AMA Pro Motocross and we were there with our good pals Joe and Betsy Krow selling and representing. They live in nearby Ocean Shores, WA and they surprised us with gifts from the northwest including an awesomely cool BOMONSTER ruff cut art wood sign created by Joe K.


    Photos by BOMONSTER except for photo of BOMONSTER taken the warm-hearted Mrs. BOMONSTER

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  • BOMONSTER At Born Free 6

    Posted on June 30, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    Born Free is an amazing show. It's held next to Irvine Lake in park surrounded by trees with a pond in the middle. One one side are thousands of one-a-kind choppers ridden in by owners next to a roped off area for recent custom builds built by well-known bike builders. There's a huge stage with bands playing all day. Lots of vendors on the other side of the pond - all with really interesting stuff to buy. Most are home-built garage type "companies" with jewelry, t-shirts, small art pieces, some machined parts, painted gas tanks, and a few established clothing and accessory brands.

    There's two kinds of people - those who actually define the bike culture by building, creating and living it - and many more who try to look the part. The definers are all decent, calm, smart and don't try hard to be cool. The followers try to understand it all and many try just a little too hard to fit in.

    T-shirt vendors print up shirts with all kinds of nasty cringe-worthy slogans. There's another group that tries to sound evil with black shirts featuring goth death and violence as the theme - visuals of brass knuckles, skulls, devils, cliched "Ride or Die" type slogans. Some are anti-God with upside down crosses and I always wonder why all the hate towards a message which says to love and respect one another? They too are just trying a little too hard to fit in and that's the best they could come up with I guess.

    Everyone there has there own idea of makes Born Free so cool. I look at it as a creative art event. The motorcycles are a pure art form. Point a camera in any direction and you'll get a good picture. Since we are there to sell BOMONSTER art & apparel, I can't spend as much time as I'd like taking pictures and taking it all in. But here are a few starting with the excellent poster created by the incredible J Cruz...

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond were the vendors which is where all the really cool stuff was...

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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  • BOMONSTER Points a Camera at Cook's Corner

    Posted on June 27, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    On the way to the Born Free chopper show there is a great little bar and grill on El Toro Rd in Silverado, CA called Cook's Corner.  Bikes fill up the small corner lot and make for a cool spectacle of pure chopper art. We stopped in on the way to set up our BOMONSTER art & apparel booth at Born Free for a refreshment and got these pictures.

    As nice as some of these bikes are, the added dimension is that the bikes are all ridden - some from other states thousands of miles away- which adds a buzz of travel stories to the experience.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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  • BOMONSTER at a DeadEnd Show

    Posted on June 22, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    I don't usually drive five hours for a one day show but we got invited by Deadend magazine to help them celebrate their 10 year anniversary at a car show they put on near Salinas, CA. Juan and Jesus Espinoza take pictures, design stuff, organize car, art and bike shows and put out their super cool webzine themselves. There was a bridal shower going on at our house for my son's fiance and he was more than willing to help me drive to the show and run the booth. We got there and was happy to see our pals from Suavecito, Josh from Greenspans, Rob from Lot magazine and Deadend there.

    It was a low-key casual show with some unbelievably-cool, nicely done first class customs. It ended soon and we packed up so fast that my son and I looked at each other with the same idea. "If we cancel the hotel room and leave now we can be home before midnight."

    I drove the first three hour shift while he slept with a burger stop in the middle. At around Paso Robles, we traded while I slept and he drove. The last thing I told him was to keep his speed down towing the BOMONSTER trailer because you can't see the cops at night. I woke up 2 hrs later halfway up the Grapevine and he was clearly breaking the speed limit law. I asked what he was doing and he said he had his iPhone set to a crowd sourcing app which alerts drivers where the cops are. His phone alerted him to a possible cop sighting a couple miles ahead and he slowed down. Sure enough there was a black and white Highway Patrol car parked on the side of the freeway up ahead, we passed and resumed to a breakneck speed and got home a few minutes before midnight.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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