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  • Swipe These BOMONSTER Pictures

    Posted on February 21, 2015 by BOMONSTER

    I don't know any other way of saying this but here are some pictures of me. I've had my picture taken only once and thankfully it was by a real pro named Travis Haight. Now when blog writers, magazine editors, 60-year old groupies and the TV news asks for a recent picture of BOMONSTER I can say "take it off my blog and give Travis Haight credit."

    Photos by Travis Haight

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  • Bad, Bad Boogie Van

    Posted on January 24, 2015 by BOMONSTER

    Tim Sutton has a great eye. He shoots photos that tell stories. Many of them with cars. This "Boogie Van" is his work truck. I wish it were my BOMONSTER vending van because I wouldn't change a thing. He deserves it more than me though because he mostly built it himself after buying a clapped out '66 Econoline off Craigslist and turned it into this rolling box of functional originality. I saw it at the Grand National Roadster Show parked outside the buildings filled with show cars. How ironic and how perfect.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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  • A Real CARtoon

    Posted on January 23, 2015 by BOMONSTER

    I saw this wild VW "Surf Seeker" bus built by Ron Berry at the Grand National Roadster Show and couldn't stop looking at it. A real, drivable actual CARtoon! And cool. Forget drawing a picture of it. No one would believe it.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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  • Proof that BOMONSTER is a Real Artist

    Posted on December 31, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    Fine art has its place in the world and my BOMONSTER scratchboard art is not exactly what I would call "fine art." People who thinks it's "fine" happen to like lowbrow, kustom culture, hot rod art and since they like my stuff too I'm happy to just be another lowbrow, kustom culture, hot rod artist. And when Josh Trillegi - the editor of a very fine fine art publication named Bureau Of Arts and Culture Magazine - called to say he wanted to feature my work in his magazine, I had to remind him that my art may not be up to the same level as the title of his magazine would suggest.  He said he decided what goes in his magazine and that my work qualified. Sure enough, he meant it and featured BOMONSTER in the Dec/Jan2015 issue. Here it is:


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  • BOMONSTER's Kellison Mystery Car

    Posted on December 17, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    I drive a Kellison. It's a project that needs a lot of work but occasionally I take it out and get a thrill just driving it. There were 500 of these fiberglass bodies made in 1964. My uncle bought one and put it on a '65 'Vette chassis. The motor is a 455 olds and was once a show car/race car/company car. After crashing it off a side of a mountain in the early 80's he wrapped it up in plastic and left it under a tree. In 2000 he got it out and started the restoration process. He repaired the body and put it on another 'Vette frame, put in the Olds motor and new trans and updated the suspension. Sadly he passed away in '06 from pancreatic cancer most likely caused by Agent Orange - a poison sprayed liberally in Viet Nam where he served as a Green Beret.

    He built the car when he got out of the service and I was a little kid watching him do it. When he passed, I had an emotional connection to the car and bought it from my aunt. I sanded off all the paint, re-formed the wheel flares, frenched in the tail lights, had it rewired, built a custom radiator, changed the gauges and now am now to the point of needing some professional help. To finish the car that is.

    Meanwhile I take it out once in awhile and go fast on empty country roads. December is nice in Southern California and a good time to check out the roads to Malibu. It runs so strong and is a blast to drive. The sound is incredible and everytime I stop I get asked "What is that car?" Now I'm just going to direct them to my blog so they can read this story.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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  • Critics Kind to BOMONSTER

    Posted on November 30, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    I really liked this art I created for Matt Armor's awesome CD release.  And when it got reviewed by a music critic, they mentioned the art! Here's the article found on

    Matt Armor is bringing the country twang to Santa Barbara with his latest self-titled release. The album’s black-and-white cover poignantly illustrates a working musician’s life; on the front, we see a man plucking his guitar on a lonely street next to a record store; on the back, a man, woman, and dog drive off into the dawn. The album features influences that run the gamut from rockabilly and country to folk and blues, with Armor’s guitar and vocals providing the foundation for most songs. Early on, “Greenlight Eyes” teases audiences with a bluesy progression that doesn’t resolve, hanging on key areas to build tension and complexity. Meanwhile, an electric guitar gives the track a great honky-tonk groove guaranteed to get beers flowing and audiences moving. Armor’s style is melodic and expressive in the way that blues musicians can evoke such clear emotion through the repeated bending and slurring of phrases. On “Lullaby,” Armor reveals his more melancholy side with a song that sounds as if it were spawned from some deep life thinking. He howls lines like, “What good is a heart, if it lies to you? / You tear it apart, and it cries to you,” while a walking bass line and folky strumming nicely echo the dark lyrics. Ultimately, Armor and his band prove successful in putting together an album that drips country and blues attitude, evoking a different kind of small town into the Santa Barbara scene.

    If you want your own copy of the CD, you can order it from my website here.

    Art by BOMONSTER, music by Matt Armor.



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  • What Was BOMONSTER Doing at SEMA '14?

    Posted on November 11, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    Suppose they gave an art show and 130,000 people came? SEMA did and invited a half dozen great artists plus BOMONSTER. 2014 marked the first year art was shown on the Skybridge between the Central and South Halls. I had never shown my art there before so it was a thrill to be invited with Max Grundy, Ed Tillrock, Josh Welton, Dan Brown, Keith Weesner, Tom Fritz and and SEMA Hall of Famer Bob Larivee, Sr.

    99% of SEMA attendees are not there to buy art and were surprised by the cool gallery display and meeting the artists. I had a great time meeting celebrities, old timers, friends and had my picture taken about a 100 times. Like most shows, I don't get to see much of the actual show but the cool thing is all the fun usually comes to me. Here's a little of what I saw...

    One of the highlights was meeting Ed Iskendarian - the Godfather of racing cams - at a private small dinner affaire. He told some great stories about sponsoring Don Garlits in the old days. Like when Garlits rejected one cam had Ed grind another one and then complained about that one too. So Ed ground off the numbers off the old one and restamped a new number and sent it back to him. Garlits then set a world record with that cam. Ed is 93, a great storyteller and all-around nice guy.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

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  • BOMONSTER Discovered by Nitto Tires at SEMA

    Posted on November 9, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    I got invited to show my BOMONSTER scratchboard art at SEMA and a highlight was meeting people from the industry. They of course had work to do but the art gallery was a nice distraction and it gave me the chance to meet some cool people I had only read about. Tim Sutton was one of those guys. He's a great photographer and his work pops up in so many car magazines that I thought we would cross paths one day. SEMA was that day. He introduced himself and we had a lot of catching up to do. He was shooting for Nitto Tires and took my picture and the next thing I know there I was on the Nitto site

    Here's what Tim said:

    As we walk the art show here at SEMA, we’re bound to see familiar art that we have seen from time-to-time in passing on t-shirts flyers, posters, or even at other art events. One of these very talented people goes by the name BOMONSTER. His work can pretty much be seen from Pebble Beach and the Quail all the way to local shows in Ventura. He really does seem to get around and his work can and has been seen worldwide.

    I had the awesome chance to meet Mr Monster and pick his brains a little here at SEMA (all pun intended). BOMONSTER is a scratchboard artist. This is a very unforgiving medium to master as there is zero erasing and only moving forward. He starts out with a black board and with a tool of his preference, something “sharp and pointy,” he scratches at it revealing the stark white contrast underneath. BOMONSTER has seriously taken this medium to the next level as you can see below.  He comes from a hotrod and art direction background. He has been hot and heavy in the subculture we live in for years and just knows what is right. Take a look at some of his work and find more at

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  • Why Was BOMONSTER Invited to SEMA 2014?

    Posted on October 29, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    What is BOMONSTER doing at SEMA this year? I had to ask myself the same thing when I got invited to show my work to 130,000 car fanatics along with six other artists at this year's show. Let me just get this out of the way before I say anything else - it is an honor to be invited  - especially since the other six artists are actual (and very good) artists. I'm the new guy and feel somewhat like the imposter - but hey -  they invited me so who am I to tell anybody otherwise? I will say however that being in such good company does have its own way of motivating you to bring your best. Since SEMA represents a wide variety of car interests - from trucks to customs to muscle cars to everything new, it gave me chance to expand my art in a couple of new areas. Here's what I'm bringing next week; six large framed originals and these posters of those same originals. When I get back, I will have left over posters for sale here.

    Scratchboard art by BOMONSTER

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  • BOMONSTER Is All Over Ventura Nationals

    Posted on September 3, 2014 by BOMONSTER

    One of the first local car shows I attended a few years ago was the Primer Nationals in Ventura. I was knocked out by the appreciation of custom cars in a more "not yet finished" form. Many chopped, sectioned and modified cars in progress and many more which looked "in progress" but were called "done." There were great live bands with a Stray Cats and Blasters sound to them - because they were from the Stray Cats and Blasters. There were a few artists among the vendors and I remember liking them all. They each captured the creative spirit which ran through the entire show. I never knew such a crowd existed until the Primer Nationals.

    Cut to 2014 - five years later. I'm making my own art now, am friends with many of those same artists, the Primer Nationals became the Ventura Nationals and I was asked by the new owners of the show to create the poster and event shirt for this year's show. I don't usually get too excited over my own work but I admit it was fun to see my art blown up big on stage behind the bands and people grabbing posters and event shirts. Nothing like seeing your work in public to make you want to go back and make it better. Yes I'm proud of it but every artist sees the flaws - which hopefully makes him or her better the next time around.

    Photos by BOMONSTER




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