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  • BOMONSTER Reviewed by Blacktop

    Posted on November 18, 2015 by BOMONSTER


    When I first brought my BOMONSTER art & apparel out to the shows four years ago, Tony "T-Bone" Colombini was one of the first media guys to go crazy for my stuff and he jumped into action helping to get the word out that BOMONSTER had arrived on the scene. He and his son Billy show up at all the same shows I vend at and he always wants to know what's new. At SEMA I brought my new book– and of course they were there – and of course he had to buy one for the ride home. They liked it and T-Bone published this nice review on his Blacktop Magazine site:

    SCRATCH THIS Featuring the scratchboard art of BOMONSTER

    Self-published book that starts off with a bang! Visually and verbally as we open the cover to find a cool review of the cover image; “Bolts”. This sets the tone to a personal visual dialog with a creative artist who pays homage to the men before him. Most importantly his father.

    I expected the book to be like most artist tomes, as a chronological portfolio. Instead, the pages tell different stories from BOMONSTER’s past, his friends and of course the incredible rides. The pieces are assembled like the loose hardware in your pockets. Dimes and washers, cotter pins and pennies, the commodity of the working man. Who knows what he will pull out next.

    Ever since I first met BOMONSTER at a Mooneyes X-Mas party, his polite smile and gentle voice shared the passion he has in the industry and in art. He is quick to show his appreciation of his fellow artists and vendors who have helped him to present his work in a professional and effective manner. Mrs. BOMONSTER is always a pleasure to see at shows and events.

    This book is similar to seeing him at a show. The work welcomes you with open arms to learn more of the subject, the process and the culture. Get this book! You can follow BOMONSTER on your favorite social media site or visit his website at

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  • BOMONSTER at Disneyland

    Posted on November 16, 2015 by BOMONSTER

    Awesome artist Max Grundy is seemingly everywhere traveling all over the world selling his original art, creating custom cars and trucks, and last weekend at Disneyland signing autographs and offering his latest Star Wars prints. The problem is he is running out of shirts to wear because he's never home to wash them. But for his Disneyland on Main St appearance, he had one left. And it was a BOMONSTER! It's almost like I was there.


    The shirt is so new that Max and only three other people have one. If I knew Max was going to wear it I'd have made more for everyone else.

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  • BOMONSTER Now Available in a Book

    Posted on November 15, 2015 by BOMONSTER

    Over the last five years, I scanned nearly every one of my BOMONSTER hot rod, chopper, surf, and dirt bike scratchboard art pieces and took the best of the best and introduced a book of my art last week at the SEMA show. It features 76 pages of art and commentary covering my own background, influences, people I've met and even a couple of "How to" step-by-step descriptions of how I make my art. And now it's time to share it with rest of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...SCRATCH THIS Featuring the Scratchboard Art of BOMONSTER...


    Here are a few sample pages...







    Plus there's more chopper, dirt bike, surf and exotic supercar work to drool over as well. And nearly every owner's car who commissioned me to scratch something for them. To get your own own, you can only buy it from me. $21 and it comes with an autograph and sticker! (Click Here).

    Thank you for your support. BO

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  • BOMONSTER Faces at SEMA 2015

    Posted on November 9, 2015 by BOMONSTER

    Pretty faces from the SEMA show...



    Photos by BOMONSTER: Max Grundy, Ed Tillrock, Kristin Cline, Jeff Allison, Josh Welton. Photo of BOMONSTER and World famous Bunny Ren- A by Matt. Photos of BOMONSTER and Mrs BOMONSTER by Art M and Jimmy Le

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    Posted on November 1, 2015 by BOMONSTER

    SEMA is the world's largest automotive trade show of it's kind. Attended by over 100,000 people over four days, there's always a week before/night before multi- all night thrashes that all builders and exhibit teams go through to get here.  This was mine. I had two long nights before the gallery show opening and scratched out these little masterpieces. I did them small - 5x7 size - and could do about six in four hours. Down and dirty but I liked the raw, bold lines that happens when I'm in a hurry. Most sold which took the sting out of the thrash.






    Photos and scratches by BOMONSTER



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  • BOMONSTER Makes Linda Vaughan Feel Young Again

    Posted on October 27, 2015 by BOMONSTER

    People of all ages say my art makes them feel young again. While at the Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso I swear Linda Vaughan–Miss Hurst Shifter from the sixties– came by my booth and looked 50 years younger just by meeting me. Here's proof...


    Photo by Tom Davison  Model: Cassandra Hicks

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  • BOMONSTER and Alex Gambino

    Posted on October 25, 2015 by BOMONSTER


    Alex Gambino is one of the hardest working men in the kustom car business. He is at every show I attend plus all ones I don't. He gives metal working seminars and even puts on his own cool kustoms show every year–The Sit Down. He drives his orange '54 Chevy and purple fade '57 Chrysler everywhere and is always working on something awesome in his San Jose Kustoms shop doing a lot of the work himself. He followed us across Texas once in a sideways rain with the windows down wearing work shorts and a wet sweatshirt. With no mirrors. Total badass except to him it just a normal road trip. He digs the whole scene and the whole scene digs him.

    Photo by Curtis

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  • BOMONSTER and "Lil' Daddy" Roth

    Posted on October 25, 2015 by BOMONSTER


    Me and Dennis "Lil' Daddy" Roth have a lot in common. Our dads were artists who worked with each other, we are now both artists, we hung out in Maywood working for our dads as kids and we wear the same clothes. We were each selling our own stuff at the Hot Rod Reunion and it's always fun to share stories with him. We both pay to be at the show for three days but the difference between us is that as soon as he makes a big sale he goes home. And then people think I'm "Lil' Daddy" Roth and want to buy my shirt.

    Photo by a "Lil' Daddy" Roth fan

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  • BOMONSTER at Famoso

    Posted on October 25, 2015 by BOMONSTER


    One of the fun things about the Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso is that you can walk the staging lanes and talk to the drivers seconds before their race. Or in this case the backup girl for Stormy Byrd's nitro dragster - Anna "Heels High Cars low" Marco – Senior feature editor for Car Kulture Deluxe magazine. Moments after this picture was taken Stormy did a fantastic burnout to warm up the tires and Anna walked 1/4 the length of the strip directing him back to the starting line. The light went green and then he was gone...

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  • BOMONSTER's Last Love Ride

    Posted on October 20, 2015 by BOMONSTER

    The annual Love Ride event in So Cal always attracts a crowd. Jay Leno, Peter Fonda, Willie G and lots of genuine celebrities and almost famous celebrities. What made this year different though was the announcement that this year's Love Ride was the Last Love Ride ever. And to make sure it was good one, Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters came to play. Grohl is one of those likable rock stars that loves what he does and seems to love what everyone else does too. The set list was a good one - two FF songs and a classic rock song - Stones, Queen, Petty, AC/DC, Pink Floyd and on and on. The covers were as good as the originals and the band really rocked it. Dave played with a broken leg sustained in a Swedish show after he fell off the stage during the set. He's continuing the tour in a cast sitting on a giant "Game of Thrones" chair stage prop but customized it as a giant chopper for this show - which was perfect since most everyone showed up on a Harley.


    We were there too selling my BOMONSTER art and apparel. Willie G. Davidson stopped to say hello which always makes my day. We've talked at other shows and what impresses me most is that Willie G. actually goes to the shows – and enjoys them and loves connecting to the people. The guy has zero attitude and is genuinely interested in the scene and who's in it. I had it easy at this show. I talked to the stars and signed autographs while my three favorite girls–Mrs. BOMONSTER, our daughter and daughter-in-law–did all the selling. Then at the end of the day our son loaded us up in the BOMONSTER trailer and we all left the show early for some Mongolian BBQ. And that is something I'll always remember the Last Love Ride for.


    Photos by BOMONSTER, KB and Dave Grohl photo by Kristi Haivala

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