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BOMONSTER is in Traditional Rod & Kulture


“Learning how to draw or paint doesn’t make you an artist. Knowing what to do with what you know is where the measure of the artist begins…” And so starts Kent Bash’s  excellent summary of what it means to be an artist in this feature story on BOMONSTER.  Three pages packed with scratchboard samples in a great magazine dedicated to traditional rods, cool customs, hot rod history and great vintage drag racers.  Kent is a fantastic artist in his own right so to be featured in Rod&Kulture and to be reviewed by Bash only makes me work twice as hard to a better artist.

This killer magazine can be found on:


BOMONSTER is International


Jacek at workingclasskustoms is an absolute lover of American hot rods. Which is cool because he’s German. And apparently he’s not the only non-American to love American hot rod culture. He gets 400 visitors a day from all over the world reading his blog which is a collection of photos, art and stories of everything Jacek likes.  And Jacek likes BOMONSTER.

See what else Jacek likes at:

BOMONSTER on Champion Muscle Cars is a website – or is it a garage? – or is it a forum for owners and builders to share what they know about building cool cars? It turns out it’s all three plus you could call it an artist gallery as well. They added BOMONSTER’s work in their artist gallery. Once you start to look at what’s on this site, it’s hard to know where to stop.

Start your journey here:

BOMONSTER is on the Queen of Cars

Genevieve Chappell is a television personality who loves cars. You can find her on ESPN, SPEED, Velocity, etc commentating on car events,  interviewing car celebrities and just hanging out at car events because she loves cars.  Tony Colombini isn’t on TV but he loves cars and writes great stories for the Queen of Cars. So when Tony met BOMONSTER he introduced him to the Queen by way of this article on Genevieve’s own website.

Meet the Queen at:

BOMONSTER now in Hemmings


Everyone who works on their own cars knows what Hemmings catalogs and books end up looking like: Grease-stained, dog-eared and well-worn. Turns out they have a really cool blog and when they featured BOMONSTER’s work, they somehow managed to add grease stains to computer screens everywhere.

Check out: