• BOMONSTER Draws Like a 12-year Old

    The artist BOMONSTER hard at work

    I met a psychologist this month who told me she meets with and advises clients transitioning from big careers into their retirement years and most are freaked out thinking about the future without an office to go to every day. The question she poses to them is "What did you like doing when you were 12 years old?" And then she advises them to pursue that as a way of getting excited about life again. As it turns out, I was told by a former next door neighbor that I am drawing the same things today that I was drawing back then when I was 12. You know - hot rods, choppers, trucks, dirt bikes, dragsters, 12-year-old stuff. So in preparation of my retirement years, I am way ahead of the curve.

    Photo by Scott Murphy of Race Reels

  • BOMONSTER "Vendor VS Vendor"

    BOMONSTER van stopped at the Continental Divide trading post

    On our way to sell my BOMONSTER art & apparel in Austin, TX we came upon this classic Route 66 (along I-40) trading post in New Mexico on the Continental Divide. Parked there I realized we were in the same business - selling fun little trinkets to life's travelers. The only difference was we were on wheels going to the customers and they sat there waiting for theirs. That, and the fact that we don't sell our fireworks.

  • BOMONSTER says "Las Vegas Rocks"

    BOMONSTER visits Seven Magic Mountains in las vegas

    When it comes to grabbing the average tourist's attention, Las Vegas does everything bold, loud and colorful. On our way to sell my BOMONSTER art & apparel, these seven 3-stories tall, giant fluorescent psychedelic boulders are stacked in the desert like a modern Stonehenge just screaming to be noticed in the bright sun. "Seven Magic Mountains" - created by Swedish artist  Ugo Rondinone - are scheduled to come down in May 2018. I wonder what they intend to do with rocks? I'll take the yellow one.


  • BOMONSTERs Travel in Time Through Prescott

    BOMONSTER travels through Prescott, AZ

    One of the benefits of traveling great distances to sell my BOMONSTER art & apparel is the stops me and Mrs BOMONSTER make along the way. In April we stopped in Prescott, AZ (pronounced "preskit" - like "bisquit" the friendly waiter told us). It used to be the state capital in 1864 and has an old west history that I like. Doc Holliday and Wyatt's Earp's brother Virgil lived here before moving on to Tombstone in 1879. We liked the downtown streets filled with antiques, diners, bars, coffee shops and galleries and stayed just long enough to get some pictures of each other before hitting the road.

    Pictures by BOMONSTER and Mrs BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER meets Buddy Holly


    buddy hollys gravesite headstone

    On our way to sell BOMONSTER art & apparel at the Lone Star Roundup in Austin TX we passed through Lubbock, Texas and stopped at the gravesite of Buddy Holly. Interesting that he was only 22 with so many now classic hit records already made. Also interesting his last name was really spelled Holley with an e. The sign told us it was customary to leave a guitar pick and luckily my friend Joe Krow had given me one earlier which was floating around in the dash drink holder. I don't know what they do with all the guitar picks but mine was put to good use.

  • BOMONSTER VS Drag Daddy

    BOMONSTER and Drag Daddy Ben Mitchell

    Artists really don't "compete" against each other. The good ones are just fans of each other's work. I'm a big fan of Ben Mitchell "Drag Daddy." He is the nicest monster hot rod artist you'll ever meet and does a superb job of capturing everything we liked about Ed Big Daddy" Roth's t-shirt art growing up while creating his own fun, crazy hot rodder style. He can be found drawing at the drags, and all over facebook and instagram but you can also contact him for commission work here on his website 

    Photo by Joe Mitchell

  • BOMONSTER is a hippy killer for hire

    original BOMONSTER art for hippy killer hoedown

    When asked to design this year's Hippy Killer Hoedown shirt design I knew I wanted to create something that captured the general fun vibe of the show.  We've been vending my BOMONSTER art and apparel there the past couple of years and I'm not sure if it's a chopper show, a custom car show, a music event, a van show or a vintage flat track race so I made it all of those things. Want your own BOMONSTER event shirt? Check out www.bomonster.com and  email me through the website.

  • How BOMONSTER got into SUMMIT Racing

    BOMONSTER designed shirts now in SUMMIT Racing catalog

    A kid walks into the offices of SUMMIT Racing in Ohio wearing a BOMONSTER shirt and says "You should put BOMONSTER shirts in your catalog." So the creative director calls me and wants samples and now there are BOMONSTER tees in the winter SUMMIT Racing catalog. Thank you kid.

    BOMONSTER shirts available from SUMMIT Racing here. 

    BOMONSTER shirts direct from the artist BOMONSTER here.

  • BOMONSTER asks Wanna Drag?


    The Mooneyes Christmas Show and Drag was last week and the news is that it's likely the last one. The property has been sold but hopefully the show will go on somewhere else. It's a great chance to watch local drag racers run down the strip. This classic '55 Chevy gasser caught my eye in the staging lane and I thought it would make a great shirt design.


    Photo and graphic design by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Gets Graphic


    There's a lot to look at at the drag races. Cars, motors, people. Vintage graphics is a favorite of mine to notice. Stickers, decals, painted names. Classic, simple graphic design that has been a part of hot rodding all along. These were seen at the Mooneyes Christmas Show last week.

    Self portrait by BOMONSTER

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