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Gnarly magazine is out and here's some more from the interrogation...

How did your early years watching your dad build race cars and seeing all of those racers influence you as an artist?

My dad’s race car and dirt bike racing buddies were all super nice guys and really great to kids who showed an interest. There were all different personality types and skill levels but I recognized early on that they all had one thing in common – they loved the fun of it. All the things I loved – the sights, sounds, smells and feel of speed they loved too. So my art isn’t about a “thing” like a specific car or bike but more about a “feeling” being around cars and bikes.

You’ve done commercial artwork for clients such as Porsche, Apple, Acura, Yamaha, and Nissan. What was that like? Did you work on anything that we would be recognizably BOMONSTER? (If possible, can you provide any visuals of that client work?)

Every one of those clients were different in some way but they all wanted great work and had the budget to do things right. Great work at that level is a team effort and I love working with talented people. Making art is mostly a solitary effort and while I sometimes miss the interaction I also like creating art that pleases me without other people weighing in on what they would do differently. 99% of my work for those clients ends up in the form of polished contemporary film or modern, slick graphic design whereas my personal art has a grittier, more organic “old school” feel.

What do you find more rewarding: Commissioned art pieces for happy clients or the random scratchings from your own imagination that you sell on your site?

Both are rewarding but people’s reaction is always the real reward. When a client has high standards and confidence in their own field of expertise they tend to respect the abilities of others and will treat a project as if it’s a given that what you create for them will be great. Creating great work for great clients is its own reward.

Likewise when I create a personal piece and then offer prints for sale I’m always interested to see who likes it. I’ve really come to like my customers – not because they give me money but because they can articulate better than I can why they like something I did.

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