BOMONSTER's Proof America is Great


I saw this old framed picture at our local county fair and my immediate reaction was "This is why America is great." Where else but America do we race farm machinery for fun? And where else but America do we see girls racing tractors for the enjoyment of all? There's a fabricated popular mainstream media misperception being perpetuated to girls right now that says: "THEY say girls can't do certain things." In my wide world of travel, community, business, cars, motorcycles, garages, art, racing and outdoor sports, there are no "THEY" people making such sexist remarks. I've never heard a man say "What's a girl doing here doing THAT?" No one thinks women aren't capable. While today's media stirs up controversy among the gullible who only read about life and don't live it for themselves, I offer this old picture of why America has been great all along: People of all types who work hard during the week and continue to find ways to enjoy themselves on weekends. Where else but America?


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