BOMONSTER Blown Away in Laughlin


Being an outdoor artist vendor selling your own art & apparel has its risks. For one thing everything hinges on one crucial piece of equipment: a lightweight pop-up canopy which provides shade and allows the artist to attach walls on which to hang his art & apparel. We've been rained on, blown down and endured extreme heat waves but never chased away. Or, until now, literally blown away. The day before the inaugural Bikes & Rods music event this month in Laughlin along the Colorado River, our team (Mrs BOMONSTER and I) set up our professional grade aluminum-frame canopy, attached steel gridwalls all the way around and stacked inventory bins in preparation for Saturday set-up.  Once secure with a tarp wrapping up the whole enchilada, we left to check into our room, enjoy a nice romantic dinner and later an outdoor live music performance overlooking the river while sipping red wine and eating chocolate cake. Early the next morning after a casino breakfast we left our soundproof hotel at 6:00am with no idea that the wind was howling outside. Walking into the hotel parking lot where the weekend's event was to take place, we were shocked to see what a brief tornado had done at 3 in the morning. Piles of bent and broken canopy frames everywhere and vendors turned upside down and inside out. The wind was still blowing which reminded me that we chose a line of work which only the hardy should attempt. Or fool hardy?


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