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  • BOMONSTER Showing Off Again


    Prints are now available for this David Mann BOMONSTER scratched tribute piece called "Showing Off." David Mann's original was from 1977 and I was asked by promoters of the annual Chopper Fest art event to create my own interpretation so I added both the girl and the guy standing up on a Harley Panhead chopper at speed feeling the freedom of the open road. You can find it by clicking here.

    Art by David Mann and BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER scratches Jay Leno's Mercedes


    I like Jay Leno. There's a lot of bad habits a guy with Jay's success could get into but he chose cars. He likes a wide range of them and thoroughly gets into their history, the way they're made and most of all he likes to drive them. I scratched a BOMONSTER original of one his recent purchases - a Gullwing Mercedes and he gave me a thumbs up. What a nice guy.

    Photo by Weston Beaumont

  • BOMONSTER Shoots "Giant" Tom Nye


    You won't find much on "Giant" Tom Nye on the Internet. He's lived practically his whole life out of his van airbrushing shirts at live events and murals on sides of buildings. He's the "working man's artist" creating original masterpieces on demand in the elements rain or shine. He painted with Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Von Franco and Dennis Renero and can tell you about the history of drag racing and every car show promoter you've ever heard of because he was there. He's not one to suffer fools gladly and harasses vendors and customers alike with his salty comebacks and "cut to the chase" remarks. He's a real artist and BOMONSTER and Mrs BOMONSTER love and respect him for it.

    Photo by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Shoots Von Franco


    Von Franco is a lowbrow legend. He helped bring Ed "Big Daddy" Roth out of retirement years ago and they traveled and painted monster shirts together for years. His style is unmistakable. He plays music, builds cars, made a movie and still creates original art. He's always encouraged me to keep developing my BOMONSTER art. When I first met him I was with my 80-year-old dad and he and Franco talked commercial art tools for a long time. After that whenever I'd hit a show with my dad he'd ask. "I wonder if Von Franco is here?" Dad has since gone to be with the Lord but I'll always appreciate the day we first met Von Franco.

    Photo by BOMONSTER. Art by Von Franco

  • BOMONSTER and Gene Winfield Hang the Same Art


    Gene Winfield is legendary among generations of hot rodders and custom car fabricators. Well into his eighties, he travels the world giving metal fabrication cutting and welding classes, painting cars and signing autographs. I live near his California shop but it doesn't matter because I see him at every show I vend at. I created the above piece of art for him featuring his Mojave desert shop, his custom Cadillac "Maybellene," the movie car "Reactor," Jade Idol and his '27 T dry lakes racer. In the foreground he's shown driving his Pacifica concept truck with a pin up girl and welding tank in the front seat. He liked it, endorsed it and I printed it. You can purchase it here.

  • BOMONSTER shoots faded memories.


    Time stands still behind Gene Winfield's Custom Shop in the Mojave desert.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Rides in The Krowvette


    Corvettes are funny. Everyone likes the 50s and 60's cars - and the new one - but you don't hear much about the early 70's models. The 80's and 90's cars made everyone forget about the brand but I always liked the 70's 'Vettes. I had never been in one but I always liked the way it looked. My lifelong friend Joe Krow lives up in Washington and bought a really nice one so we went up to see it and go for a drive. It was smoother, quieter and faster than I thought it would be. Definitely worth the trip.


    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Gets Face Painted by Squindo



    If you're a fan of Metallica you know Tony Squindo's art. He's the unofficial official artist for the band.  BOMONSTER doesn't have an unofficial official artist but if I did, it would be Squindo. He presented me with this portrait and it made me instantly want to put out a record and use it as the cover. But I have no music talent so it'll just hang on my wall instead.

    Art by Squindo. Photo of BOMONSTER by Travis Haight

  • BOMONSTER at Disneyland

    Awesome artist Max Grundy is seemingly everywhere traveling all over the world selling his original art, creating custom cars and trucks, and last weekend at Disneyland signing autographs and offering his latest Star Wars prints. The problem is he is running out of shirts to wear because he's never home to wash them. But for his Disneyland on Main St appearance, he had one left. And it was a BOMONSTER! It's almost like I was there.


    If you want to be like a famous artist and wear your own BOMONSTER baseball Avatar jersey, click here.

  • BOMONSTER Faces at SEMA 2015

    Pretty faces from the SEMA show...



    Photos by BOMONSTER: Max Grundy, Ed Tillrock, Kristin Cline, Jeff Allison, Josh Welton. Photo of BOMONSTER and World famous Bunny Ren- A by Matt. Photos of BOMONSTER and Mrs BOMONSTER by Art M and Jimmy Le

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