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  • Not BOMONSTER's Kellison


    While selling my art at the Detroit Autorama earlier this year I came across this stunning 1962 Kellison J5 on display. Michigan owner Jim Hart told me he bought the car from a Beverly Hills, CA pawn shop for an "obscene amount of money" nearly 20 years ago and raced it in a few vintage road races until a recent compete restoration. The body is actually a one-off Kellison "drop nose" concept developed between the J5 and J6 model which has the quad lights of the J5 and oval grill opening of the later X-300GT. I guess you never know what you can find in a Beverly Hills pawn shop.


    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • Not BOMONSTER's Kellison For Sale


    Does the above post make you want your own Kellison - a car that everyone goes crazy when they come into contact with one? Here's a deal. It's for sale by the owner who sent me these pictures hoping to find a good home for this cool project. The 1964 X-300GT body sits on a Chuck Manning X-frame chassis and is powered by rebuilt '63 283 Chevy with '57 fuelie heads. It's less than $10K and Steve the owner will deliver anywhere west of the east coast. Mrs BOMONSTER told me I needed to finish my own Kellison before thinking about buying another one. But your wife might say otherwise.

    interested? email the owner: landsearch@outlook.com

  • BOMONSTER Digs Kellisons

    bomonster yellow kellison j5

    I dig Kellisons. Maybe because I have one but I really dig Kellisons when they are finished because I don't have one. Mine is unfinished and rough and so when I see a nice one finished I feel all at once jealous and inspired. Tom Duttrey from Olympia Washington was driving his 1961 J5 just days after finishing his. I had seen it earlier online for sale without the graphics and liked it but I thought it need just one thing to finish it off - a BOMONSTER sticker. 

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER's Kellison Sighting


    If you know what you're looking for, you'll see my primer gray 1964 Kellison Astra X-300GT behind a bunch of very expensive and collectable exotic cars. Near the Emory 356 Outlaw, in front of the garaged '32 Ford hot rod, way behind the Rolls next to the 959 and 911 Porsches and vintage Studie. A beast in the mix of beauties. We were all invited by a friend who loves cars and the turnout at his home overlooking the Pacific Ocean was spectacular. Jay Leno was there in a Gullwing Mercedes survivor and I asked him if he had ever owned a Kellison - since one was advertised with the claim that it was his at one time. He hadn't - which means I have a car so rare even Jay Leno doesn't have one.

    Photo by Jeff Zwart

  • BOMONSTER's Kellison Mystery Car

    I drive a Kellison. It's a project that needs a lot of work but occasionally I take it out and get a thrill just driving it. There were 500 of these fiberglass bodies made in 1964. My uncle bought one and put it on a '65 'Vette chassis. The motor is a 455 olds and was once a show car/race car/company car. After crashing it off a side of a mountain in the early 80's he wrapped it up in plastic and left it under a tree. In 2000 he got it out and started the restoration process. He repaired the body and put it on another 'Vette frame, put in the Olds motor and new trans and updated the suspension. Sadly he passed away in '06 from pancreatic cancer most likely caused by Agent Orange - a poison sprayed liberally in Viet Nam where he served as a Green Beret.

    He built the car when he got out of the service and I was a little kid watching him do it. When he passed, I had an emotional connection to the car and bought it from my aunt. I sanded off all the paint, re-formed the wheel flares, frenched in the tail lights, had it rewired, built a custom radiator, changed the gauges and now am now to the point of needing some professional help. To finish the car that is.

    Meanwhile I take it out once in awhile and go fast on empty country roads. December is nice in Southern California and a good time to check out the roads to Malibu. It runs so strong and is a blast to drive. The sound is incredible and everytime I stop I get asked "What is that car?" Now I'm just going to direct them to my blog so they can read this story.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • The Other Kellison X-300GT in Calif.

    I own a 1964 Kellison Astra X300GT. There were 500 of these fiberglass bodies made and only a few got made into actual drivable cars. Most were made into race cars and a few actually made it to the DMV for a license plate. These days there's a registry for Kellisons and there are two known Kellison Astras in California. I have one and Augie Delgado of Fullerton has the other one. His is this beautiful metallic blue with silver scallops. Mine is a lovely shade of primer gray with hints of green Marglass and pink Bondo. I met up with Augie at the L.A. Roadster Show and got to check out his car up close.

    Augie really knows motors and appreciates vintage era-correct high performance parts. Under the hood is a small block Chevy with a vintage Moon manifold and four working side draft carbs. I loved the blue headers. Inside is all business with aluminum floors, Hurst shifter and cool Mooneyes pedals.He painted the mag wheels magnesium gray and made custom magnesium wheel centers.

    It's a beautiful car and he was offered a Ferrari in trade but passed.  Ferraris you see every day in L.A. Kellison Astras hardly ever. I'm glad I saw this one.

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