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  • BOMONSTER meets Buddy Holly


    On our way to sell BOMONSTER art & apparel at the Lone Star Roundup in Austin TX we passed through Lubbock, Texas and stopped at the gravesite of Buddy Holly. Interesting that he was only 22 with so many now classic hit records already made. Also interesting his last name was really spelled Holley with an e. The sign told us it was customary to leave a guitar pick and luckily my friend Joe Krow had given me one earlier which was floating around in the dash drink holder. I don't know what they do with all the guitar picks but mine was put to good use.

  • BOMONSTER Blown Away in Laughlin


    Being an outdoor artist vendor selling your own art & apparel has its risks. For one thing everything hinges on one crucial piece of equipment: a lightweight pop-up canopy which provides shade and allows the artist to attach walls on which to hang his art & apparel. We've been rained on, blown down and endured extreme heat waves but never chased away. Or, until now, literally blown away. The day before the inaugural Bikes & Rods music event this month in Laughlin along the Colorado River, our team (Mrs BOMONSTER and I) set up our professional grade aluminum-frame canopy, attached steel gridwalls all the way around and stacked inventory bins in preparation for Saturday set-up.  Once secure with a tarp wrapping up the whole enchilada, we left to check into our room, enjoy a nice romantic dinner and later an outdoor live music performance overlooking the river while sipping red wine and eating chocolate cake. Early the next morning after a casino breakfast we left our soundproof hotel at 6:00am with no idea that the wind was howling outside. Walking into the hotel parking lot where the weekend's event was to take place, we were shocked to see what a brief tornado had done at 3 in the morning. Piles of bent and broken canopy frames everywhere and vendors turned upside down and inside out. The wind was still blowing which reminded me that we chose a line of work which only the hardy should attempt. Or fool hardy?


  • BOMONSTER at the Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion


    The forecast for the Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion outdoor music festival and car show called for heavy rain and strong winds. Mrs BOMONSTER was busy being an angel at home so I brought my other secret weapon – my amazing daughter Mel – to the show to help sell my art and apparel. For her, God parted the clouds and sent the worst storm in decades around the lake leaving us with blue sky, great music, nice cars and a happy crowd. Mel brought the crowds into the booth and Havasu lived up to its motto: "No Bad Days."

    Photo of BO and Mel by Rich of Sin City Jokers, Event photos by Jillian Danielson and Ken Gallagher of Riverscene Magazine.

  • BOMONSTER Rehearses SEMA Show at Home


    The annual SEMA Automotive Trade show is huge. 160,000 people and four days filled with everything there is to see if you like the business side of cars. Including some great artists plus BOMONSTER. I got invited to show my art off at this year's 50th annual SEMA show and promptly went to work creating originals and prints for the show. To make sure I actually had enough to fit on the wall they gave me, I laid everything out on my floor at home and had too much! So I edited a couple pieces out, packed up the mess into the truck and headed for Vegas. Jeff Allison and I set up across from each other in own "hot rod alley" gallery space. They opened the doors and the people came. Just like I pictured it would be at home.

    Pictured: BOMONSTER, Doug Dorr, Bunny Renee, Ed Tillrock, Von Hot Rod, Josh Welton, Tom Fritz

  • BOMONSTER Experiences the End Times


    I met Flap and her friends out in the Mojave desert behind Gene Winfield's place. They were out enjoying the sun with their Mad Max style "earth cruiser" purpose-built rides. "Cars for the end times" I called them. Hers was an '87 Pioneer but I thought it looked more like the 2027 model.


    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Drives into the Ocean


    When you're from California, you don't go to the ocean much because there are usually too many people and not enough parking. But that's not a problem in Ocean Shores, Washington. It's a friendly, foggy little beach town near the Quinault Indian reservation. The most amazing thing to me is that you can drive on the beach for miles. And our BOMONSTER trailer follows us everywhere.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Graffiti Gets Tagged


    Outside of Amarillo, TX sits the Cadillac Ranch -  an art installation of ten pristine used Cadillacs planted in a field by a group of artists named Ant Farm along Route 66 in 1973. Since then a million visitors have painted, pounded, ripped off, cut tires, kicked in windows and generally trashed a cool thing. Since I can't undo what's been done I added to the graffiti with traveling artist friends Jack, Nancy (shown), and their traveling executive assistant Emma - who I call "Pink." I spent a few minutes adding my signature BOMONSTER face and stood back to admire my own work and watched a family of Iowa farmers (not shown) walk up to my masterpiece and tag it with their own uncreative squiggles. My "art" didn't last two minutes before it was tagged. Before I could think too much about it, it dawned on me that I had covered up someone else's work who had covered someone before them and so on and so forth all the way back to the original artists who had planted the cars in the first place. It was a short lived thrill.

    Photos by BOMONSTER except the photo of BO and Pink by Mrs BOMONSTER.


  • BOMONSTER at the GNRS 2016

    The Grand National Roadster Show is always the show that kicks off our year of traveling to shows to sell my BOMONSTER art & apparel. Since it's held in January there is always the chance of rain and cold weather. But being in Southern California, there's always the chance it will be a perfect weekend too. This year we got both - perfect weather on Fri & Sat and rain on Sun. Crowds came all three days to check out the 10 buildings of show cars and when the rains came, I had a chance to get some pictures...

    bomonster-gnrs-55 bomonster-gnrs-booth bomonster-gnrs-merc-flames bomonster-gnrs-mildred bomonster-gnrs-roadster-flames bomonster-gnrs-roadster-red bomonster-gnrs-roadster-sunset

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Interviewed at GNRS

    While at the Grand National Roadster Show offering my BOMONSTER art & apparel to the roadster-loving crowd, Tony Colombini from Blacktop magazine came by with a camera and a microphone and asked me to start talking about my art.

    Click link below to check out his short video:



    Photos by T-Bone Colombini

  • BOMONSTER At a Show and Ends Up In a Film

    If you like live rockabilly music in the desert in winter then you'll like the Havasu Rockabilly Reunion in February. We showed up to sell my BOMONSTER art and apparel and ended up in a video by Jonathan Belda and Adam Deluca. They put a mic on and pointed the camera at me and asked me why I was there. I thought about it for a split second and realized it's all the other people there who make any event a good one or not. Havasu is a good one.

    Click here:



    Pictures by Jonathan Belda and Adam Deluca

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