• BOMONSTER asks Wanna Drag?


    The Mooneyes Christmas Show and Drag was last week and the news is that it's likely the last one. The property has been sold but hopefully the show will go on somewhere else. It's a great chance to watch local drag racers run down the strip. This classic '55 Chevy gasser caught my eye in the staging lane and I thought it would make a great shirt design.


    Photo and graphic design by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Gets Graphic


    There's a lot to look at at the drag races. Cars, motors, people. Vintage graphics is a favorite of mine to notice. Stickers, decals, painted names. Classic, simple graphic design that has been a part of hot rodding all along. These were seen at the Mooneyes Christmas Show last week.

    Self portrait by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER's Proof America is Great


    I saw this old framed picture at our local county fair and my immediate reaction was "This is why America is great." Where else but America do we race farm machinery for fun? And where else but America do we see girls racing tractors for the enjoyment of all? There's a fabricated popular mainstream media misperception being perpetuated to girls right now that says: "THEY say girls can't do certain things." In my wide world of travel, community, business, cars, motorcycles, garages, art, racing and outdoor sports, there are no "THEY" people making such sexist remarks. I've never heard a man say "What's a girl doing here doing THAT?" No one thinks women aren't capable. While today's media stirs up controversy among the gullible who only read about life and don't live it for themselves, I offer this old picture of why America has been great all along: People of all types who work hard during the week and continue to find ways to enjoy themselves on weekends. Where else but America?


  • BOMONSTER Art Appreciated by Model A Fans


    I like people who like BOMONSTER art. Not everyone likes my art but the ones who do love it. Tyler and Ali Weeks are not typical individuals but they are typical BOMONSTER fans. They like and drive cool stuff like this 1927 model a roadster truck. Tyler scrounges, trades and barters for parts and builds all his own cars. And they all seem to have been built before 1930. So original, so old school. Just like my art.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Christmas Scene


    Christmas time is here and that always reminds me that I owe everything to God and am thankful for the opportunity to share my BOMONSTER art with others. Merry Christmas to all. BO

    Art by BOMONSTER

  • Girls Love BOMONSTER


    Girls love BOMONSTER's designs. Unique, creative, stylish, original, smart, one-of-kind. Now let's talk about the designs: Unique, creative, stylish, original, smart, one-of-a-kind. You can see more by clicking here.

  • BOMONSTER Brings His Son To Work Day


    I was recently invited to a catered car gathering so exclusive you could only attend if you were invited and didn't tell anyone you were invited. High on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a guest list including industry giants, entertainment execs, famous race car drivers, TV stars and million dollar cars - and an artist named BOMONSTER. We drove up a one mile perfectly art directed natural landscaped road just to get there. The event was nearly called off because the host threatened to cancel if there were no clouds in the sky. Viewing the home is by appointment only and only if there are patchy clouds in the sky - per the homeowner - because that is when it is the most beautiful. Light clouds were forecast so IT WAS ON! I drove my newest old car - a '92 Porsche Carrera - and brought my son who could use a few more life experiences seeing how the other half lives. It was fun for me to show him a typical day of work for me - meeting people and talking cars - while eating hors d'oeuvres and salad. Every car there had a story and the fun part for me was later sharing them with my son while he drove us along the ocean, through canyons, across the city and over the mountain to get us home. Now we've both got a story. The perfect bring-your-son-to-work day.

    Photos by BOMONSTER

  • BOMONSTER Introduces New Hat Collection


    Being an artist in one medium doesn't always mean your art translates to all mediums. My BOMONSTER scratchboard art is made up of millions of fine scratches and people are always asking me about trucker style hats. So I set about learning how to design for embroidered hats. Basically, the more simplified the design, the better it works on a hat. But I wanted a range of cool designs with detail and that costs extra. But I knew a few people would want one so I made a limited edition run of these cool embroidered hats in both all black and black/white versions. You can find them by clicking here.

    Hats designed by BOMONSTER


  • BOMONSTER gets Thanksgiving


    Today is Thanksgiving. To everyone younger than me I say appreciate these days and find the good in them. To everyone else, can you believe how fast they are racing by? Times they are a changin' and I am thankful that I have a front row seat. Happy Thanksgiving 2015. BO

  • A BOMONSTER Burning Memory


    While at this year's Hot Rod Reunion selling my BOMONSTER art and apparel, I saw this great action photo by Russ Griffith of Frank Pedregon. My dad knew Frank through his advertising business and I remember visiting Frank at his shop as a little kid. My dad was doing the advertising for Dempsey Wilson Cams in the mid-sixties and that might have been his connection to Frank. What I remember about the meeting was that it was a narrow garage with a lot of stuff hanging on the walls and piled along the floors and this Fiat coupe nitro dragster was in the center of the floor. Frank was a nice guy who laughed a lot and to me he was just another adult my dad talked to on his many errands that summer day. Later, I saw him run at one of our local dragstrips where my dad raced his little D/Roadster '41 Willys- probably San Gabriel River Raceway, which later became Irwindale Raceway. When "Flamin' Frank" ran everyone flipped out because the tires caught fire and flames and smoke poured out of the car the entire run. From that moment on it became my favorite car at the drags. I thought I remember at the time he was able to pump excess fuel onto the tires which was ignited by the flames from the headers and the coupe body shape created a "firebox" shape to continued the flame all the way down the racetrack. I read today that it turns out Frank didn't know what caused the flames but it sure make a memory for me at the time. The car has rebuilt by Pat Foster and I hope to get to see it fire up someday.


    B/W action photo by Roy Robinson

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