Legal Statement


Monster Energy is one of the most ripped off logos and victims of unscrupulous counterfeiters in the world and as such, they protect their copyrighted name viciously.

The name BOMONSTER is a registered trademark and has an agreement with Monster Energy not to create confusion in the marketplace.

Since we share mutual enthusiast interests, please do not be confused or scared by other “Monster” names. Monster Energy is defined by lime green and black colors, their famous claw logo and unique font.

BOMONSTER (single word – ALL CAPS) is the name of the artist who created the art and art products on this website and out in the world.

If you try and steal the BOMONSTER name and put it on counterfeit products–which will cause confusion in the marketplace–you’ll have both Monster Energy and the real BOMONSTER to deal with. And trust us, you don’t want to anger any MONSTER.

The name BOMONSTER and the BOMONSTER face logo “Avatar” are current U.S. trademarks. All rights reserved. Images on this website or on any BOMONSTER product cannot be scanned, copied, stolen or reproduced without express written permission from BOMONSTER. We appreciate free publicity and welcome the use of linking to this website for promotional purposes. All we ask is that you give a credit mention of the artist (BOMONSTER – in all caps). Let us know you linked to us and we’ll return the favor and link back to your site.

Thank you for kindly following the rules and respecting the intellectual property rights of all artists.

For usage inquiries, please use our contact form.