SR-71 Kellison Original Art

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This collectible original SR 71 art is hand scratched and features an SR-71 Blackbird plane and a rare California made 1964 Kellison race car. Both machines were created in limited numbers and both were designed to go fast without being seen.

Product Description

This BOMONSTER hand scratched original art is the same art used to create the limited edition SR-71 Kellison litho art print shown below. The Kellison car was developed in conjunction with the Pontiac division of GM as a sports GT racer and inspired by the sleek 1958 Ferrari Testarossa.

The 12x16 original scratchboard art is mounted in a distressed wood frame without glass to appreciate the art without room reflections. Art has been treated with a clear fixative which protects the art and also allows you to clean off dust with a soft cloth. 

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