Press & Links

When BOMONSTER launched his unique art on the world, the press showed their support and gave props from America, Europe, Australia and all across the Internet. BOMONSTER likes to say, “My art has been to more places in the world than I have.”


Magazine centerspread pull-out poster “Detroit Smoke” featured in Ol’Skool Rodz



Blacktop Magazine is both a magazine and a website. Publisher T-Bone reviewed BOMONSTER’s book “SCRATCH THIS” here.



Car Kulture Deluxe magazine featured an in-depth interview with BOMONSTER and ran his “KUSTOMIZE THE SURVIVORS” design in the centerspread as a pull-out poster. You can check out the magazine here.



Hands down the best blog about all things cars is I see blogger Jesse at nearly every show I attend and he seems to attend all the other ones I don’t. He digs the whole scene and has been a BOMONSTER fan from Day 1 and always wants to know “What’s new?” Check out his blog and see for yourself.



When Kustom Magazine in France wanted to do a profile story on BOMONSTER, they went big. Not only did they feature some great BOMONSTER designs but they included a huge poster folded up in the back of the magazine. “Buy a magazine - get a free poster.” Such a deal.



If you know Nitto Tires, then you know Driving Line magazine. The company does a great job of staying connected to all aspects of the car scene and it turns out they also like car artists. Or at least they like BOMONSTER.



A magazine called Junk. Financed in the U.K. with Japanese writing on the cover, and covering the American vintage chopped bike scene, they really looked at everything with a fresh perspective. It was only fitting that they liked BOMONSTER art and came to visit me for this story.



Most of the critics who like BOMONSTER art could be described as connoisseurs of “lowbrow.”  But when the Bureau of Arts and Culture demanded an interview for their influential highbrow publishing empire, I gave them my best stuff before they could change their minds.



Kustom Magazine in France is one of Europe’s most popular hot rod, chopper and kustom kulture magazines covering the world-wide scene. They featured the design “Self Reflect” on the opening contents page to announce the arrival of  BOMONSTER’s art on their side of the Atlantic.



Ol’ Skool Rodz featured the BOMONSTER original “Keep Your Eyes on the Road” in their centerspread for this issue.



The reason people in Australia are crazy for BOMONSTER art is because of the early love from Cruzin Magazine over there – or rather “under there.”



Traditional Rod&Kulture Illustrated Magazine was the first to feature BOMONSTER art to their worldwide readership. What appealed to me was their dedication to the traditional. Not only in the traditionally-styled cool cars, events and models they choose to profile, but they feature artists who use traditional methods of creating art – no digital art.