ShovelPan Heart Harley Sticker

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Harley Davidson sticker created by BOMONSTER using Harley Panhead and Shovelhead cylinders placed over a human heart to create an original Harley sticker that belongs on any helmet or tool box where vintage HD motorcycles are appreciated.
SKU: SS4020

Product Description

This Harley enthusiast sticker is a must-have for any Harley motor gearhead. Shovelheads and Panheads remain popular years after being introduced and real fans can argue over many beers as to which is better. 

This 4" die-cut, black and tan vinyl silkscreened sticker doesn't settle any arguments, but may just be the perfect "which is the best Harley motor?" compromise. Sticker is said to withstand 3-5 years of sunlight and comes with a split-back for an easy peel.