BOMONSTER Draws Like a 12-Year Old

artist bomonster draws like a 12 year old

 I met a psychologist recently who told me she meets with and advises clients transitioning from big careers to their retirement years and most are freaked out thinking about the future without a familiar office to go to every day. The question she poses is "What did you like to do when you were 12 years old?" And then she advises them to pursue that as a way of getting excited about life again. As it turns out I was told by a former next door neighbor that I am drawing the same things today that I was drawing back when I was 12. Hot rods, motorcycles, dragsters, 12-year old stuff. So in preparation of my retirement years, I am way ahead of the curve. 

Dragster art by BOMONSTER

Photo of BOMONSTER by Scott Murphy of Race Reels

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