BOMONSTER Knows A Good Idea When He Hears One

Tekmetric is a cloud-based automotive shop system that helps owners/managers of automotive companies manage all levels of their business. They used the SEMA show to announce their new app and guess who they called to design their promotional tote bags and team tees to help announce the app? Coming from the corporate world of assertive clients, I always expect pushback when dealing with larger clients as the art gets shown to various departments like legal, sales, manufacturing, families of CEOs, etc. But they had seen my work at SEMA the year before and convinced me I was right for the job. We were tight on time and I was a little hesitant to make their deadline. But when their Product Marketing Manager Liz said she had an idea of a vulture holding a wrench in its mouth and a spark plug in its claw, another BOMONSTER masterpiece was born. For any artist, there's nothing better than a client with a good idea. 

bomonster designbomonster tekmetric tote bag

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