bomonster and artist james owens at semaSince launching my hot rod art on the world, I am always astounded where it takes me and the doors that open. I say that not to gloat but to encourage. I started creating my scratchboard designs in '11 and after showing them to family and friends, I went to a few shows with t-shirts and prints and started selling. Fast forward to SEMA 2019 - the largest automotive trade show in the world - and here I am in Las Vegas selling my original art and prints to gearheads from all over the world. I was given a 30' wall to hang my art alongside the work of eight other excellent artists. James Owens and I shared opposing walls and half the time I was selling his art and he was selling mine. 

sema art gallery artwalk featuring bomonster and james owens

The event is huge. 140,000 people walking the Las Vegas Convention Center over the course of four days looking at new products and custom builds from thousands of manufacturers. All the car show TV guys are there and luminaries from all facets of automotive development attend. I feel like I have no time to take pictures but do get a some photo opportunities walking to and from the event every day. Here are a few I managed to shoot. 

ev monster truck bigfoot

jonathan ward ev hudson

2020 mustang on side at sema

c10 custom camper truck sema

hemi under glass sema show

One of the big themes throughout the event was EV. Electric technology was everywhere. An electric monster truck and an ancient restored Jonathan Ward Derelict EV Hudson barn find impressed. Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, BMW have all announced they are no longer developing internal combustion motors so the writing is in the wall. We've all read about what's coming but to see the results of creative minds all in one place makes the future real. 

hotwheels sema

max grundy dr pepper truck ian roussel space junkie custom sema

batmobile las vegas sema

raider stadium las vegas construction

las new york new york street view

If you make art or any creative content, my advice is to do it. It's easy to imagine the limits and not step forward but it is also impossible to know the blessings and opportunities that come about as a result of leaping into the unknown.  



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