BOMONSTER Only Shops In The Finest Stores

prada store marfa, TX behind the bomonster van

If you're like us you like traveling the open road and stopping at the finest establishments to shop and dine. But the further you get from civilization, the lower your standards become for what qualifies as "finest" establishments. Like this Prada store on the way to Marfa, TX. We were on our way to selling my art & apparel literally miles from nowhere on a road that rarely sees traffic. When it popped up in our view, Mrs BOMONSTER got excited and so I hit the brakes fast. There are real Prada shoes and purses inside on pristine white shelves but that's it. No people. No information. No life. Just Prada. It's an art installation that makes a statement about the emptiness of wealth?, fame? ego? self? I don't know but we liked it. 

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