BOMONSTER Scratches Cars on Whiskey Row

alley in prescott, az that inspired bomonster's art

I scratched this original 16x20" night time alley scene and call it "Whisky Row." It started with this alley picture which I took in Prescott, AZ at the urging of Mrs BOMONSTER on one of our trips to vend my art&apparel. She said "That's a cool alley, you should take a picture." I did and forgot about it until we got home and downloaded my pictures from the trip and liked it all over again. I added Greg Lazzerini's '37 Packard and a hot rod truck plus a girl and her dog on the stairs to complete the scene and took it to the SEMA Artwalk gallery exhibition where the original sold. Here's a look at how I scratch my art...

bomonster hand scratches hot rod art

My art is created on scratchboard - a 1/8th thick board with a black ink surface over a white layer of clay coating. I use an Xacto knife to scratch the black surface to see the white underneath. The image is first composed on paper and the basic shapes are transferred to the scratchboard. Once outlined with the knife, I scratch where the light hits the hardest and leave the shadows alone. It sounds simple but that's my approach. This piece took a week of evenings scratching late into the night - mostly on the bricks. I gave the finished scratched background an ink wash which let the cars sit in a separate light from the background. If this process looks fun to you, I suggest getting some small 5x7 size scratchboards and practice until you feel comfortable drawing with a knife. If you create a design you like, scan and resize to transfer onto a larger piece of scratchboard and scratch it again. You can always email me and ask me how. ( 

And if you like this image and want it on a 16x20" signed litho print, here's where you can purchase...


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