BOMONSTER Scratches Eyes Out

'50 custom merc scratched by bomonster

This is a '50 custom Merc built by the owner in 1978. He still has it and has great memories of showing it at the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium. He sent these photos with a good description of what he wanted - the driver holding an eyeball while driving in front of the auditorium. Eyeballs as art came around to custom cars in the late 50s and early sixties. Painter Larry Watson had a popular design of fork stabbing one and Von Dutch famously painted them with wings on everything he could reach with his pinstripe brush. Rick Griffin, Von Franco, Big Toe and countless other creators added their versions and now I've got one. Need your own eyeball or car scratched? Send me your photos and vision and let's talk. (Check me out here.)

1050 mercury reference pictures

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