BOMONSTER Scratches for J&P Cycles

bomonster shirt design for j&p cycleJ&P Cycles has been around for 40 years and commissioned me to scratch a BOMONSTER t-shirt design for them to commemorate their milestone year. It always helps to hear a good story before designing and when they told me the owner started out by selling parts out of his van at local events, I not only related to their travels but also knew it would make the design better. They liked the approach and I started scratching. Here's how it came together...

bomonster scratching a t-shirt design for j&p cycle

I always start by scratching a light outline based on a sketch I transfer to the scratchboard. The sketch was done separately making sure everything would fit on the scratchboard once transferred. Then I scratch thinking about how light lands on the subjects to define the shapes. 

bomonster finished scratch a t-shirt design for j&p cycles

For t-shirt designs I keep my lines bold and simplify where I can so the art looks the same once screen printed onto the shirt. My style has an old school pen and ink look to it. My favorite areas to scratch are usually the chrome parts. I like how a few parallel lines with some thick and thin blobs look reflective. Once finished, I scan to create a vector file which gets emailed to the client and printer. 

So if you're wondering if I am available for commissions the answer is yes. I just need a good story to start. Email me:


Photo of BOMONSTER by Bryan Harley

Shirts available here:

More about BOMONSTER here: 

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