BOMONSTER's Dad Stays In The Picture

My dad passed away in 2015 at age 84. We both liked cars and motorcycles and we went to all kinds of events together. I like to take pictures for future reference for my art projects and usually have to wait for the crowd to clear before getting the shot. But my dad had a funny habit of always stepping into the picture just as I was ready to get the shot. I'd say "Dad, get out of my picture!" and he would step back thinking he was safe. So I have lots of pictures that look like this:

bomonster's dad at gene winfields custom car shop

bomonster's dad at gene winfield's custom shop and dragster

bomonster's dad and ian rousell's space junkie

Since my photos were for my own reference, not publication, I didn't have the heart to tell him to step even further back, so I just took the picture. And in looking at these pictures, I am so happy I didn't. We had some good times walking and talking cars in his later years and I have the pictures to prove it. 

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