bomonster holding mooneyes original art

This is my "happy to sell an original but sorry to see it go" look. I'm holding one of my original scratchboard renderings which features the Mooneyes "Moonliner" Bonneville racer on the moon. An astronaut runs back to his landing module after an encounter with a freaky driver. Chico and Shige - the owners of the car and company gave me permission to sell prints and I enjoyed seeing it on my wall. I offered the framed original on my website and it sold! I immediately felt a tinge of regret knowing I would never be able to look at it again. Such is the paradox of the artist. We fall in love with what we create. We sell what we create to survive. It's an emotionally vicious cycle. Tempered only by the elation of a happy customer. 

 bomonster mooneyes moonliner art print

The matte finish limited run litho print looks great. I signed each one and they are ready to drop into a frame with an 11x14" mat opening. Looking at it hanging on the wall helps me get over the regret of sending away the original. If you'd like one, check it out (click here)


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