BOMONSTER's Simple Plan to Stopping Global Wildfires

bomonster's plan to stop australian wildfires

Want to stop global wildfires? Declare war. "Intelligence reports" are TV and internet coverage. The President can declare war and ask for senate approval later. While the congress and senate argue over partisan politics and the effects of climate change, the U.N. could define wildfires as a threat to the world's natural resources and unanimously vote to attack and destroy this new enemy with a vengeance. Fly all available U.S. led coalition jumbo jet supertankers to point of conflict. Allied forces include Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Russia, China - basically any country with advanced technology and wildfires. Use country's airstrips and military bases as water refueling stations. Aircraft carriers could deliver attack helicopters armed with water buckets and H2o bullets. Jet fighter planes carpet bomb with environmentally safe Agent Orange Fire Retardant. Contract new and current government vendors to develop and build additional fire fighting firepower so existing world power, greed and special interest lobbyist structure isn't threatened. NATO ground forces become world's firefighters with shovels and backhoes to clear firebreaks. Bill the fire damaged countries for services rendered and split it among participating allies when fire is out. Lives, property, and natural resources are saved. Atmosphere is less polluted. Animals rejoice, Money is made. War is possible if you want it.

"That's a damn good idea Mr. BOMONSTER!!!" - Jon Hansen

"Solid idea" - Richard Hand

"Makes too much sense." - Ian Griffith

"That’s the Real War I’d love to see our Country go to." - Bob Garrett

"YES!" - @gunbaby75

"That is a big idea! Would love to see that happen." - @kmac1206

"Makes too much sense to happen." - @capital_letter_a


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