Cars BOMONSTER Scratched Last Month

I offered to scratch people's cars last month and surprisingly many wanted me to. Now I have lots of happy customers. What they got from me was an original hand-scratched scratchboard drawing of their car. Better than just a photo, it is a mini masterpiece to remember their ride forever. This is how busy I was...

bomonster scratchboard renderings of cool carsscratchboard drawings of cool cars by bomonsterscratched cars by bomonster the scratchboard artistscratched hot rods by bomonster

That's a lot of scratching. I start with a piece of 1/8" thick scratchboard and transfer an outline shape of the cars to the black-inked board. Then I scratch with a #16 Xacto knife blade. The result is a high contrast, bold original image that looks awesome. If you would like one, follow this link to see prices and available sizes

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