Rat Fink Scratched by BOMONSTER

ed big daddy roth rat fink on a dirt bike art by hot rod artist bomonster

Have you ever seen Ed "Big Daddy Roth's" Rat Fink on a dirt bike? Neither have I until I scratched it. Ed Roth is famous for creating monster-driving hot rod apparel and still influences generations of lowbrow kustom kulture artists to create their own hot rod monster art. People often see my hand-scratched BOMONSTER designs and say it reminds them of "that artist when we were kids...." and I'll finish their sentence "Ed Roth?" "Yes!" they always say excitedly. To be sure, the Roth style has influenced my own unique look, but when I got hired to create Rat Fink on a dirt bike it gave me the chance to draw Rat Fink the way Ed would have liked. 

Roth art was always centered around monsters, hot rods, drag racing and later in his career, chopper motorcycles. Talented artists were hired to create all those classic designs with Ed playing the role of Creative Director. When they thought of dirt bikes, they decided to make me a Roth artist and add a BOMONSTER original into the mix. 

My hand-scratched style centers around motorsports and hot rods.  Hot rod monster art, lowbrow kustom kulture and drag racing is always influenced my work, and in my world, dirt bikes rock. If Ed were alive today, I think he would agree. 

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