bruce meyer hot wheels collection
bruce meyer hot wheels cars
greer/black/prudhomme dragster hot wheels
agajanian special troy ruttman 1952 indy winner hot wheels
pierson bros 34 ford 3 window coupe hot wheels
so cal speed shop belly tank hot wheels
Autographed Bruce Meyer Hot Wheels Collection

Autographed Bruce Meyer Hot Wheels Collection

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  • Hot Wheels Vintage Racing series collector set of 4 iconic race cars from 2001 first run tool.
  • Autographed by Bruce Meyer - respected car owner/collector and past Petersen Automotive Museum Chairman of the Board.
  • Featured cars:
    • Don Prudhomme's Greer/Black/Prudhomme full body dragster
    • Pierson Bros '34 Ford 3-window coupe
    • So Cal Belly tank
    • Agajanian Special 1952 Troy Ruttman Indy winner
  • Complete original packaging has been opened once to photograph these pictures. 
  • Cars are secured to diarama floor wth original rubber bands.
  • Graphics on back wall of diarama dipicts actual space where cars are displayed.
  • One box edge has slight tear.
  • Story of Bruce Meyer and each car is outlined on back.