Camaros and an f-101 voodooo fighter plane in this original art by bomonster
Original Camaro Art "Voodoo Camaros #1"
Original Camaro Art "Voodoo Camaros #1"

Original Camaro Art "Voodoo Camaros #1"

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  • This 8X10” original work of art is hand-scratched on a piece of 1/8th scratchboard and comes with a smooth black wood frame with a wire hanger. Background edges are created with an ink wash over scratched area.
  • Art features three different Camaros from 1968 to the new 5th generation style. In the background is the McDonnell Vietnam era F-101 Voodoo fighter jet.
  • Signed by BOMONSTER and numbered in sequence as they are finished. No two are alike.
  • There is a “100% REAL” signed certificate of authenticity on the back. 
  • Original will be shipped in a reinforced Priority USPS package.