ufo chevy truck art by bomonster of crashed ufo in western landscape
UFO Original Truck Art "Desert Sky"

UFO Original Truck Art "Desert Sky"

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  • Original 16x20" hand-scratched by BOMONSTER
  • A crashed UFO in the distance as seen by a traveler in a classic C-10 truck with a dirt bike in the back
  • This is the original art used to create BOMONSTER's limited run "Desert Sky" litho art poster.
  • 16x20 original scratchboard art is mounted in a distressed wood frame without glass to appreciate the art without room reflections
  • Art has been treated with a clear fixative which protects the art and also allows you to clean off dust with a soft cloth 
  • Additional shipping costs could be added and will be determined based on where you live and shipping method you choose. We can discuss by email