police motorcycle toy with poseable rider
cop bike roll toy
toy police motorcycle rider detail
rear view motorcycle rider on toy police bike
Police Motorcycle Roll Toy
Police Motorcycle Roll Toy

Police Motorcycle Roll Toy

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  • 9"x7" hard plastic Harley-Davidson motorcycle roll toy with neoprene rubber motorcycle cop rider.
  • Hard rubber tires with metal base and smaller tires allows toy to be pushed and released creating grinding motorcycle motor sound.
  • Has a solid and sturdy feel.
  • Rider and bike are in excellent condition. Some sticker graphics are lifting on edges.
  • Plastic windshield is broke and can be glued back into place. 
  • Rider's body is poseable and can be separated from bike.
  • Manufacturer date and brand unknown. No paperwork or packaging. 
  • Lots of attention to detail like rider face and uniform accuracy and speedometer graphics in gas tank.